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Manifestation Consultant

Why Conscious Businesses Fail To Attract Clients

Conscious Business Owners | Why You Aren’t Attracting Prosperity to Your Amazingly High Vibrating Work:

I have been coaching spirit based business owners for a decade and there is one thing I have uncovered in common every single time the business fails to flourish.
See if you recognize yourself and your path in this scenario…
You, the business creator, are a high vibrating being with focus and attention on your gift, begin your business journey with energy, hope and aspirations of blessing the world.
You do your thing…get your certifications, share with friends, family and facebook.
You have a few new clients show up but there is rarely a sustained flow of new business and never enough to consider your business as thriving.
Shortly after the journey begins, your energy and hope give way to fatigue and frustration.
You start asking Why’s….
Why is my business not more profitable. Where are all the clients.
Why can’t I make money doing what I love and with my gifts?
Then the mind starts trying to find things to do to fix or justify the problem…
Maybe I need a better website.
If only I could get someone influential to give me a testimonial. Or maybe people just don’t get me.
Maybe the world isn’t ready for my service.
But I know so many people could be blessed by my work! What is wrong with me that this pattern keeps happening.
What’s wrong with the law of attraction?!
Some people, maybe you, go on like this for years. Never reaching anything close to the dream life you envisioned when first starting out.
If any of this sounds like you…
Well, I have some very good news for you. In my 10+ years of coaching clients and small business owners there is one common piece of the puzzle that when adjusted, changes everything – and quite rapidly.
It is subtle and it is pervasive in everything you are doing to block the flow of your ideal clients.
Once you understand what you are doing, you can instantly shift your experience and almost magically begin to see the results manifest in the form of new business.
You are going to kick yourself when you hear what it is you are doing – because it is such a simple thing.
Don’t be deceived by its simplicity…
The key that has unlocked the door to prosperity for so many before you will work just as easily and rapidly for you when applied.
It is not difficult to maintain or implement.
Your awareness and attention are all that is required to finally begin to see the Law of Attraction or the Universe Conspiring in Your Behalf finally working its magic.

I know what most spiritual based business owners think at this point…you already know the Laws — you have been studying them for years!


If your prospects…your ideal prospects…not the broke ones… aren’t flocking to you like baby ducks to food…you are missing this one piece.


Something feels off – you know it. You know what you believe is real, but somehow, it is just not right with you and your business.


It’s not something wrong with you or your business.

It is just this one teeny weeny little thing you are thinking that is stopping every good thing you have coming to you.  And I guarantee, virtually every spirit based business on the planet has this problem without even knowing it.

We will reveal to you exactly what it is you are doing that is blocking your prosperity and we will show you exactly what you need to do to shift your experience from stagnation to flow.

This one shift in your thinking isn’t just limited to your business prosperity.  It can be applied to assist you with everything you want to attract into your life. It is quite literally the difference between you and those who seemingly manifest at will.

This teaching is so powerful and so important that I can not keep it to myself or my coaching clients alone.  I want everyone to have the power to bring their gifts to the world, blessing themselves and others, including you.

I also know from experience, that when I give coaching for free, somehow the message loses its power.  The receiver does not own the techniques.  Somehow, our brains (especially Westerners) are programmed to put value on things based on a financial exchange.

I do not want anyone to miss this blessing – regardless of your current financial situation — you can receive this life altering information and apply it immediately to begin the shift from “doors slamming shut” to “doors flying wide open”.

  • All I ask is some financial exchange.
  • You decide how much.

Choose what your spirit guides you to now…


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Just remember that your exchange must be aligned with your inner believing about what this information is worth.  Consult your Higher Self and then contribute what is right for you.

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Remember, don’t be deceived by the simplicity or brevity of the information.
Accept it with an open spirit and you will immediately recognize the power and truth enclosed.  The light will go off and your life will never be the same.
Wishing to help you recognize and harness your power to transform your life experience…starting now.