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Manifestation Consultant

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Before true prosperity can flow into your life you must release the blocks to receiving.

Blocks come from memories replaying from generation to generation.

Families, societies, religious and other influences are carried on from generation to generation without our conscious awareness. If you have been experiencing the same life day after day, year after year without relief you are probably suffering from hidden memories.
These memories reside in your DNA and will not change or release without conscious effort on your part. For too many years you have tried to change your story without any significant shift in your luck, prosperity, health or relationships.
Memories are perrsistent and require prayer without ceasing.
Most people will need assistance breaking free of the erroneous beliefs that limit happiness and prosperity.

To Release the karma (memories) that are holding your bliss and abundance away – you may need the help of The Prosperity Whisperer

I can help release the programs that prevent you from enjoying the life you know you desire and are destined for.
For improvements in your home, business, relationships and health – see our Services Page to find out how to receive a cleansing. Most clients feel lighter, easier and notice immediate relief.
If you feel a weight or tension in Your Home – you may choose a House Blessing to release The influence of programming, karmic debt, memories replaying for generations from sources such as stress, financial concerns, worry etc., from contractors, clients, visitors, former residents or land owners whose presence with the property was of a short duration. The cleanse will release negative energy from buildings, homes, other structures, office spaces, land and contents.



Sell Your Home Fast Clearing:

It’s NOT he Economy, the neighbors, the weather, a bad hair day, your price or the color of your carpet…

No matter what you, your realtor or your local economist is blaming for your home sitting on the market for hundreds of days without a single bite – it’s NOT THAT!

The energy around those excuses are absolutely contributing but the explanations are not relevant at all. Except to the extent that you buy into those reasons, they have no relevance whatsoever. 

I challenge realtors & property owners to bring me their toughest cases…that Million Dollar home that has sat on the market for 3 years…and I will clear the energy that is blocking the sale.

I am so confident in the successful outcome, you can hire me with a small retainer and only pay my fee once the house sells!  There is no risk.  You’ll spend more on advertising, utility bills, landscapers and housekeepers in the meantime. 

Unless you clear the energy that is blocking the home sale, you are absolutely governed by the current economic forces. We can step outside of the truth that others live by. 

Everything is energy, including your home, the land it sits on, the thoughts you hold about selling your home and the energy of the people in and out of your home.

In an extreme example I often site the Al Capone Valentines Day Massacre site.  The building where this horrific event took place was torn down and eventually the bricks were sold as souveniers.  As time passed, not long, each and every brick was returned because the misfortune and catastrophy the buyers experienced.

Energy remains in material objects from the people who interacted with the objects.  Years of accumulated low vibrating energy is clinging to your property and your house.

I’ll release that energy and then infuse higher vibrations that will attract your ideal buyer.  Not only can your home sell fast, but it can do so in an easy and effortless manor.

How it works:

Once I receive your retainer, I will send you an agreement that you will pay me for my cleansing/clearing services if and only if the home sells. At that time, you agree to pay 1% of the sale price.  Then I will gather information about the property, it’s owners and it’s history.  I will visit the property virtually, from the field of awareness.  It is not necessary for me to visit the actual home.  This is something that is accessed through the field of intelligence that is in all and is all.

Then, I will immediately begin intensive clearing on the energy that is perceived during my time in the “field”.  The time to clear will vary from house to house Depending on the the power and volume of low vibrating energies encountered and their attachment to the home.  (ie., some energy is, for lack of better terms, more attached than others because of the relationship of the person who left the energy to the house).

As the energy begins to clear, you will actually be able to feel a shift when you enter the home.  The energy will “feel lighter”.  Once I get the sense that the way is clear, I will “infuse” loving and higher vibrating energy into the property and home along with the intention for the speedy sale.

If you are interested in more information, please fill out a contact form with address of the property and your best email & phone number.

If you are ready for the cleansing to begin (cleansing work is extremely time consuming, our schedule is based on first come/first serve – the sooner you register, the earlier we get started) please submit your $150 retainer and we’ll get to work asap.


By submitting your retainer you agree to pay us 1% of the sale price of the home upon closing.  We will have a simple contract for you to sign.  There is no cost other than the $150 retainer for our clearing services until your home sells.

How much is that housekeeper, pool service provider and landscaper costing you?  I bet you are paying them a heap more than that retainer, EACH. 

I don’t care how long your home has been sitting empty or on the market…you are not governed by the rules of the past any longer.  Change the energy, change the outcome!



Live Consultation & Clearing

Get a personalized consultation on what has been holding you back and receive a full day clearing on this issue.

7 – Day Virtual Cleanse

$799 $579

Order the 7 Day Virtual Cleanse if you are experiencing periods of joy and prosperity with persistant “old baggage” showing up periodically.

If you want to harness the power of divinity to catapult your intentions and your spiritual work a 7 Day Cleanse will help clear away some of the lingering memories and “Karma” holding you back from that breakthrough you can sense is so close.

E-Mail Consultation

$250.00 $150.00

Ask any question, on any topic, wealth, relationships, health…I will petition Divinity on your behalf and report back via email. If you are looking for direction or have been “stuck” in any particular area, an e-mail consultation can reveal the beliefs that have been holding you back.

Virtual House Blessing -$997

Cleanse memories and energy attached to the home or land from any origin. Energy is exchanged between any component of the home, including the smallest building material and any individual who has ever been in contact with it. If that energy is low, resonating with lack, poverty, struggle, anger etc (any low energy frequency) it should be cleared to eliminate interaction and affect on the current residents.
The land is especially important to clear.
*Please contact me for pricing if you wish to hire me for an onsite House Blessing.

15 – Day Virtual Summer Cleanse

SPECIAL: $1175.00

Select the 15 Day Virtual Cleanse for personal or business clearing if you have experienced moderate successes with frequent down or slow periods. Symptoms may include: failure to thrive, employee turnover, lack of passion, slow drive or ambition, poor performance by employees, family or self, regular feelings of mild to moderate anxiety, fear, depression or the blah’s. The limiting energy is observed by clients, vendors,  employees, family and friends consciously or subconsciously.

Remote Healing Session


Remote Healing Session: Utilizing The Reconnection, Ho’oponopono and/or Theta Healing techniques. Price discounted – all proceeds go to support The Human Potential Centre. You are welcome to get as many sessions at this discounted rate as you wish – sessions never expire and may be transferred. Healing sessions available for your self, a loved one or pet.
Session Quantity

The Eternal Now 12 Week Higher Self Development Coaching Course $1,797


Miracles are normal when living at zero. There is nothing to achieve because all things are available to you when your connection to the divine is clear.
This coaching is intended to return you to a place where nothing is impossible.
This is a one on one personalized course with direct e-mail communication and NEW… skype chats and video calls  with me for 12 weeks.
Beingness – without the limitations of the “ego mind” unfolds the ease from which birds fly in harmony, schools of fish march as one….being who you are means being connected (without the Karma and memories) to Divine Source.  The next step is always known.  Nothing is without perfection.
When the present is owned as encompassing all that is and all that ever will be it is possible to create your hearts desire.  You can’t come to this knowing without surrending your life to your higher power, Divinity.  Through an ongoing process of releasing thoughts, reactions, emotions and desires to the will of God your “life” begins to attract the love and blessings of others, because you are radiating and vibrating at the frequency of agape love.
We all possess 6 senses. If you have a burning desire to develop your intuition and innate 6th sense to improve your life and the lives of others, this development series is for you. When you learn to hear, trust and understand your 6th sense, you follow the rhythm of your life and experience seeming miracles. You need only to be open and pure of heart in your desire to communicate with spirit to develop your psychic abilities.
This program will be structured and you must commit to a regular weekly meeting time for full benefit. The results will be unique to you and your life’s purpose. By the end of the development series you will understand your ability to communicate and receive messages and direction for your greatest good.
Non-attachment is the most loving way of being.  Your essence, your true Self can see the true Self in all creation and therefore has no expectations or needs of others.  Acceptance and love is possible because all is radiating the truth of Divinity.
It is often overwhelming to be in bliss.  Recognizing Divine Beauty, the Emotions are too powerful for the human nervous system and they overflow in the form of joy and very often tears.  It is a wonderful feeling but not a practical place to operate in this existence.  Raising the level consciousness so Divine Love flows through and those around you can be healed just by being in the presence of this energy.