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Manifestation Consultant

Release Addiction Personal Coaching

Your life is waiting for you…Do Not Waste Another Moment!

If you can honestly say you are living your life in the present moment from a divinely centered place then congratulations…you are among the rare 1%. If however you are still wandering around waiting for your life to start…here is your wake up call.

Although we don’t have any judgement about the life you are currently living, the pain you are experiencing is your own guidance system telling you it is not the life you desire or are destined to live. If you have the desire, you have it within you to experience something different. I am so confident in your ability to change,  I have created a coaching package that gives you unprecedented access to me – and I know this is not a small thing considering many of my clients will come to me with addictive behavior that can be overwhelming.

I believe in you & I believe in the ability of this program to help you enjoy an incredible life experience.

Your current life experience is a program running on repeat. We don’t have to dig up your past to know what is driving you. You will start to experience a shift after our first conversation. You will feel it! I believe in the person you came here to be and I also believe that your experiences up until now have only lasted as long as they have because you are allowing your subconscious to run on autopilot. You are going to learn how to take responsibility for what you experience. When you experience the power of 100% responsibility you don’t have to live as though you have an incurable disease that will require a lifetime of treatment. This is a way of being, not a temporary antidote that will fail if you forget to take your medicine.

Choose the plan that fits your budget and let’s start your new program playing right now. Your pain is a symptom of the struggle between who you are and who you are letting yourself be.*
8 Week New Life Coaching


New Life Coaching – Month to Month – Pay Plan

*We get readers from all over the world.  This is a live coaching program and you will need to be able to communicate in English to benefit. If you do not speak English please use our contact form for a possible referral to someone fluent in your language.