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Manifestation Consultant

Release Addiction

One of my deepest desires and purposes is to help others experience lives full of joy, ease and prosperity.  As spring is unfolding and life begins anew in the form of buds, blossoms, and birth I am inspired to create a path for those experiencing addiction.
As evidence of spring is every where the eye looks here in the South Eastern part of the US  – a new beginning for the addictive experience is about to take root.
The life of an addict is an experience of fear, turmoil and lack.   Addiction to anything, including substances, food, destructive behavior or relationships is simply a symptom of a belief system out of alignment with the greatness inherent in us all.
Unless you have consciously changed your program of reality, the belief systems which control your life on autopilot and your life experience were created in the earliest years of life.
While your toddler self was making choices and decisions about what circumstances and events meant – it was also creating a map of reality which governs your actions and outcomes to this day.
This is the very reason you do things you think you don’t want to do, including engaging in addictive or destructive behaviors.
While you think you are making choices about how you live you in fact are not.  Your conscious mind is almost powerless compared to the super power subconscious mind.
Most of the mechanisms you use to cope with this experience you call life were created by your 5 year old self.  With the wisdom and experience of a 5 year old you are going about dealing with all of life’s challenges and possibilities.
Until and unless you intentionally install new maps of reality, your subconscious will continue to rule your experience and deliver exactly the same things it always has as determined by your 5 year old self.
No one and no behavior is excluded from this truth.  Whether you are experiencing joy and abundance or struggle, distress, dis-ease and lack – the experience is coming from your subconscious programming.
The wonderful and empowering news is that you can change the programming.
Even more exciting is that not only is it simple to do, no matter what you have previously experienced with other self help or recovery methods before, it works for everyone.
It doesn’t matter if you have an addiction to chocolate, an unhealthy relationship or crack – the process is the same and the outcome is always successful.
Just like any other belief system that is making our choices and controlling our experience, a belief system that is manifesting as an addiction can be replaced with a new belief system that empowers and totally shifts the experience from lack to abundance.
Lack of hope, health, relationships, self worth, peace and prosperity…can easily be shifted to one of abundance of joy, good health, meaningful relationships, appreciation for the self and others and prosperity.
The subconscious belief system rules the experience.  Those rules can be changed.
If you are still breathing – you can dramatically and easily shift your addiction experience.
I am creating this Release Addiction Program utilizing the exact same techniques and strateges that have allowed my coaching clients to experience shifts in family relationship dynamics, financial abundance, peace and success in whatever endeavor or area they had previously experienced struggle in.
Addictive behavior is no different or any more difficult to shift than any other life experience.  There is no order of difficulty when utilizing this process.
I am developing a customized coaching program specifically aimed at replacing the beliefs of the addict with new, empowered beliefs which manifest in an experience of a joyful life, loving relationships and abundance in all areas of life, including finances.
It is my intention to create a program (based off of the initial results and work done with 12 people experiencing various types of addictions) that will easily allow anyone experiencing addiction to use it to quickly shift their experience to one of health, love and abundance.
Please contribute any amount in support of this project.  100% of Your donations will go to the development, creation and implementation of this release addiction program.  The foundational work with up to 12 people experiencing addiction and the subsequent creation of the members program for the masses.
The process of shifting beliefs is made incredibly easily and effortlessly with the proprietary command process I use in my coaching programs.
The work done with the initial 12 clients will provide all of the foundational material and resources for the members area which will be made available at a nominal fee (used to support the ongoing expenses and addition of content) for all to access the life changing process.
Everyone is touched by addiction, whether you yourself, a family, friend or acquantance – we all know someone who is living with the experience of addiction.  If you don’t think you do, it just means you don’t know your friends and family as well as you think you do.
There is no escaping the societal impact caused by the experience of addiction.  Releasing the symptoms of addiction is everyone’s business and in service of your greater good – no matter your relationship with addiction.
I believe there is a radically simple solution to the problem of addiction for the individual which will make a profound impact on society.
This project is the foundation for a program to create a drug free world.
You may say I’m a dreamer but…
  • The Berlin Wall
  • Man On the Moon
  • 4 Minute Mile
We take for granted how easily we shifted to a new reality with the creation of new technology.  I propose our grandchildren will have a truth of reality that does not include addiction.  Anything is possible.  Consider the 20 top accomplishments in Engineering in the 20th Century:
Here is the complete list of achievements as announced by Mr. Neil Armstrong, speaking on behalf of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE):
  1. Electrification – the vast networks of electricity that power the developed world.
  2. Automobile – revolutionary manufacturing practices made the automobile the world’s major mode of transportation by making cars more reliable and affordable to the masses.
  3. Airplane – flying made the world accessible, spurring globalization on a grand scale.
  4. Safe and Abundant Water – preventing the spread of disease, increasing life expectancy.
  5. Electronics – vacuum tubes and, later, transistors that underlie nearly all modern life.
  6. Radio and Television – dramatically changed the way the world received information and entertainment.
  7. Agricultural Mechanization – leading to a vastly larger, safer, less costly food supply.
  8. Computers – the heart of the numerous operations and systems that impact our lives.
  9. Telephone – changing the way the world communicates personally and in business.
  10. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration – beyond convenience, it extends the shelf life of food and medicines, protects electronics, and plays an important role in health care delivery.
  11. Interstate Highways – 44,000 miles of U.S. highway allowing goods distribution and personal access.
  12. Space Exploration – going to outer space vastly expanded humanity’s horizons and introduced 60,000 new products on Earth.
  13. Internet – a global communications and information system of unparalleled access.
  14. Imaging Technologies – revolutionized medical diagnostics.
  15. Household Appliances – eliminated strenuous, laborious tasks, especially for women.
  16. Health Technologies – mass production of antibiotics and artificial implants led to vast health improvements.
  17. Petroleum and Gas Technologies – the fuels that energized the 20th century.
  18. Laser and Fiber Optics – applications are wide and varied, including almost simultaneous worldwide communications, non-invasive surgery, and point-of-sale scanners.
  19. Nuclear Technologies – from splitting the atom, we gained a new source of electric power.
  20. High Performance Materials – higher quality, lighter, stronger, and more adaptable.
You can’t know how or what the future will manifest with our conscious awareness.  In an expanded field of awareness – all things are possible.  If it can be dreamed – it can be achieved.
Please support this project to help spread the experience of peace, love and abundance throughout our world, one addict at a time.
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