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How many different paths are there to your business profits?

The path to small business success has many roads.

I reveal one of the most unique and little know paths to business prosperity for a conscious business here but that is not the story….just the punctuation!

As in any real estate, or business location, whether online or in the real world, location is widely used as a determinant of success.

You’ve heard the saying: “location, location, location”.

What makes a great location?

The definition of a great location will have a variety of components depending on the business purpose, for example, a high traffic area might be ideal for a retail, impulse purchase type store but not as much desirable for a meditation retreat. A great location (or address) for an online business may start with its domain name.

So, when I define what makes a great location below, keep in mind, while applicable to all businesses, the definition of ideal must be in context.  Ideal location conforms to the desires and needs of the ideal client in alignment with the purpose of the business.

Quite simply, a location that allows easy access, is highly visible to the right audience and in the path of a large numbers of the right customers (or in a location the right customers will want to be).

The more roads that lead to your business the higher the chance for success, the more desirable the location becomes.

Imagine your small business sitting in the center of a circle with a dozen roads leading to it.

Imagine the circle as if were a clock and the dozen roads are placed at each hour on the clock.

At 12:00 o’clock would be a road called Online Marketing HIghway.  At 6:00 o’clock there is a road called Direct Marketing.  At 3:00 o’clock is Referral Road.  Six O’Clock is Walk In Way.  Two O’Clock is Word Of Mouth Street.  At ten o’clock you could imagine Radio Rd, flanked by TV Trail at 11:00 o’clock.

So, you get the idea…

The more roads you have that lead to your business, the greater your potential for success.

Of course, potential does not guarantee success in business or in life. We all know potential is only the jumping off point.

You need to cultivate your potential.  Respect for and the pursuit of excellence are the foundation for expanding on potential.

At the nexus of perfecting (profit) potential is reaching the greatest numbers of potential clients for the lowest cost of acquisition possible.

Since you spend money to maintain each road, you must meticulously analyze the field of prospects that travel each road and permeate their mind with appropriate communication.

Most marketers teach much about communicating with your prospects in ways that will grab their attention and be inviting enough to prompt them to travel the road to your business.

Knowing that your clients love chocolate chip ice cream and impressing them with your natural recipe and pretty presentation is secondary to this…

Before you create an intriguing communication strategy, one your prospects devour like chocolate chip ice cream gets devoured in my house….you need to know where your clients are.

The greatest piece of marketing copy is useless if no one who wants your product sees it.

Okay, I can hear you throw it against the wall marketers right now…

Yes, there is also a strategy that if you throw enough “stuff” out there, without any aim, enough is bound to stick.  This is a costly way to market and it will never recession proof your business.

Knowing who your clients are, where they are and how to reach them with the right message is the recipe for long term, high profits.

You must feed your clients when they are hungry, where they are already eating, so to speak.

A lasting success formula is to feed your prospects when they are open and even searching for your product/service.

If you want to achieve profits to the maximum degree possible, accelerate profits and stability and develop a self sustaining marketing model…excavate multiple roads to your business.

Do not put all of your marketing efforts into any single method.  Obviously your most profitable campaigns and marketing methods are to be supported but do not limit your marketing to just one or two methods.

The path to your businesses greatest success is a process of utilizing multiple marketing strategies.

If you  run a spirit based, holistic or integral living business I’ve got something for you to consider.

Chances are you have never even heard of the world’s largest full size holistic newspaper.  It is distributed around the world to a demographic open and eager to embrace your business.  The publishers, two people I have been friends with for over 25 years, have a mind blowing way of connecting to the most influential people in the world.

Marchia Carnicelli Minor doesn’t just interview spiritual leaders, holitic scientists, eco-evolutionaries like Barbara Walters interviews celebrities and political leaders.  She actually engages in relationship with her clients, readers and interviewees.

I dare to claim Tom and Marchia are two of the most influential people in the holistic/green/alternative world.

Marchia has the ability to connect with people so deeply, at a soul level, she could be interviewing the CEO of a Fortune 500 company today and at her house for dinner next weekend planning their trip to Italy together.

Tom Katovsky has a heart so big it almost blocks the view of his incredibly huge brain!  This is a man who can find an opportunity to sell sand in the desert!

Advertising with my friends is not just an opportunity to reach tens of thousands of your ideal prospects; it is the beginning of opportunity for your business not imagined in ordinary marketing circles.

Imagine networking with Tom and Marchia as the six degrees of separation, only on steroids. Powerful connections happen on purpose, not by happy accident of faith.

Try them out with traditional advertising.

See remarkable results and then get ready to be totally blown away at the ideas and possibilities that emerge from the relationship.

For example, have you ever had a major holistic publication (or any publication)

  • offer to give you a press pass to a an event you wanted to attend to promote your business?
  • Or exchanged a portion of your ad fees for your services?
  • Introduce you to other advertisers who you might partner with on projects
  • Give away your product or service (that you used to pay for your ad) to their distribution list to promote you?
  • Create an entire category in the paper for you
  • List you in their speakers bureau section just for placing an ad with them?
  • Offered services from other advertisers as a gift to you?

These are just a few of the perks Tom and Marchia have created for some of their advertisers.

They create ideas in an effort to promote you and your business.  The newspaper ad is just the beginning.

Give them a call, mention you heard about them here for additional perks.  See for yourself what strategically targeted advertising in alignment with a business with such an amazing prosperity consciousness can do for you.

Call Tom at 216-212-1061

To subscribe to an online version of  the newspaper visit: http://newspaperdirect.com and search for Healthy Referral. (click “ONLINE” to view immediately)  If you are anything like me you will need to use the magnifying glass on the bottom tool bar!

Or view recent editions by visiting:  http://scribd.com/healthyreferral

Your business will be in good company, here are some of the frequent advertisers:

  • Eden Foods
  • The Cleveland Clinic
  • Pritikin
  • Unity Churches
  • French Meadow Bakery
  • Blue Diamond Almonds

Dedicated and in service to your awakening.


Prosperity Whisperer