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Manifestation Consultant

Live a life of meaning and receive blessings

The reason you are not experiencing the prosperity and joy you desire is because you are trying to get it.

When you live a life of meaning you become someone who can only be joyful and prosperous.  When all you have to give is love all you can receive is love.

Living a life of meaning to a point that it is all you are…you are joy, happiness and prosperity…means you can only see and experience joy, happiness and prosperity.

Today I am giving a gift to the world and if you choose to participate and give the gift with me, I want you to experience joy and abundance chasing after you.

I am creating a ground breaking program to rid the world of addiction.  In order to develop the program to release it to the world I need to raise the development funds. 

If you can believe it is possible to experience a world without addiction and you want to be a part of something wonderful I will give you double your donation back towards my life altering Eternal Now 12 Week E-Course.

The addiction freedom program is actually based off The Eternal Now program. 

Some of the amazing results clients have experienced with The Eternal Now E-Course are:

  • New Clients Showing Up Out of the Blue
  • Jobs saved, when getting fired was virtually guaranteed
  • Relationships fixed after years of turmoil

If you want to help rid the world of addiction and at the same time, make your shift to a life of meaning and purpose and being in the flow of your greatest good – please make a donation of any amount here:


And I’ll give you double your donation toward your 12 Week Eternal Now E-course (up to 99.9% of the Course amount).  I’ll send you a special link to get your course at your discounted amount shortly after receiving your donation.

Imagine a world with no addiction….I wonder if you can.



You could be starting your new life of meaning today! 

Thank you for living your greatness and being the person you came here to be.  Doing so serves the entire world.  Your greatest good is served when you are serving the greater good of the other.