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Manifestation Consultant

You Only Evolve By Doing IT!

Chances are, no matter what changes you are trying to make in your life, you already have everything you need to make a major shift.  The only way change happens, the only way you make anything different than it is – is by applying what you already know.  You only evolve by doing it!

“It” meaning, the next logical step.  The application of what you have been learning in an effort to change your life circumstances.

This moment represents accumulated memories, choices and decisions from the beginning of time. There is no need to examine the why of your current life experience.  It is virtually irrelevant and probably unknowable.

Movement creates energy.  Energy creates change. Put your present moment attention into what you are doing right now and you bring power into that moment. Right now you are reading this article.  Where is your mind?  Is it editorializing?  Is it half here, half watching tv?  Bring your focus intensely on what you are doing and what you are doing contains power.  Bring loving, open and light energy into this intense focus and now you are not only powerful, but intentionally, powerfully flowing with the energy that reverberates with the good things you want to experience.

Without ever focusing on the desire, you are none-the-less attracting it to you.  This is how we are able to receive in ways our minds can’t even imagine.  Knowing what life experience you want without getting too specific allows what is perfect and right to flow to you when you are practicing the energy of loving and light presence.

You only get this power when your mind is still.  You will experience the moment as if time has morphed into either slow motion or warp speed, depending on the circumstance. It may feel like you have the awareness of a thousand years in a single hour or you may experience time as but a moment while in chronological time you spent days.

Use the knowledge you have accumulated to evolve now. There is no point in waiting.  If you are waiting, you are wasting.  There is nothing to wait for…there is nothing else.

Your surrender to the moment will feel as if a weight has fallen from your physical body.  Without a single change in your diet, exercise, posture or habits, your physical body will feel years younger. It is in this moment that all your power resides.  Do not wait for that “thingy” to start living the life experience you desire.

There is no “thingy” showing up to save the day.  A miraculous new lover may show up, but not to save the day.  The lover will show up when you have saved yourself.  Until then, you are more likely to get the couch potato!  No miracle job is going to show up to rescue your finances.  The job may show up but the miracle part will be very short lived.  Regardless of how elated you are to get the job, your energy will find its balance back in misery in just a few short weeks.

It is not the job, the lover, the money or anything else that you think you need.  None of these things change anything for more than a moment. But when you change who you are and then the “stuff” shows up – ahhh, that is a whole other experience.

Now the experience serves to strengthen the power of your evolution.

Don’t seek the truth…just cease to cherish opinions. ~Zen

Be your own truth. Right here and right now. I promise you, regardless of what you believe, think or think you know…what you experience is only here and now.

Prosperity Whisperer, the Manifestation Consultant!