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PB Group Buy

Hi Guys,
Making this page SUPER Quick because I am trying to get out the door to get to our 3 year old’s Birthday party.

Inspired by David’s post in the Wayne Dyer Group – I thought… what a better group of people and energy to play around with a Power Ball Group Buy.

So here is the deal I came up with since this is short notice.

  • Anyone who wants to participate – contributes $10 (5 tickets) (let’s keep it all the same so it is simple when we win!)
  • I’ll ad 3% to the $10 because I get charged Merchant Fees of just about 2.75 – not sure exactly and don’t think it matters at this point. I just don’t want to get hundreds of people participating and be out $2.75 for every 100.  (So when you click to pay – you will be paying $10.30).  Again, not asking for payment for doing this – just rounding up and covering the Merchant (Bank) fees.
  • I will keep this Group Buy Page open for an hour or so (I’ll be back from the party in about 1 1/2 hours) OR if we start to get a ridiculous number of people playing (if 1000 people play we would end up with like $350,000 after taxes and cash option reduction).  So I’ll probably keep it under 100’s.
  • Once I close this page to the public I will send everyone participating a password to get back into the page so we can all see each other and be accountable. I’ll open comments and we can meet, chat, vision, stay up tonight and watch the drawing.
  • Then I guess I will spend the rest of my day buying tickets!!!!!
  • And of course taking pictures of the tickets and posting them here for everyone to have total visibility.

If that sounds good – Jump In and Then “Live from the END.  See us all together – new best friends thanks to Dr. Dyer, David, The Power Ball and Divinity!”

If for some reason no one wins the big jackpot tonight and you guys want to do this again – I suggest we might have a couple people do this so we are buying tickets here (South of Atlanta) and in other parts of the country as well.  Maybe get 5 or 10 group buys going for Wednesday).