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Manifestation Consultant

Metaphysical Learning

because there is no way to compare the mystery in things. I honestly don’t know if anything but Time has the ability to bestow spiritual wisdom. Perhaps three weeks in India helps, but it feels more “true” to say that Spiritualability has little to do with countries we could visit, sights we could see, and things we could own. Frankly, I can’t discount the possibility of a spiritual experience in a garbage dump. I’m also certain I’ve stalked right past breath-taking sunsets and adorable puppies without a glance because I was too busy steaming over some personal drama or other.

For me, it is the people I have met, and their actions, which have instructed me. At some point, and without epiphany, I began to experience the world with a little more gratitude. And I haven’t even been to Africa yet! The Spiritualability of a thing is, after all, only a reflection of our own ability to feel, in that moment, a sense of marvel, love, and grace.