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Feng Shui Prosperity

useful when establishing a new home or business.

*Indoor Plants – Live plants kept healthy placed in the southeast corners will increase wealth.

*Rooster Figure – A Rooster in the office will help eliminate a lot of “Office Politics” and allow it to run smoothly. An unusual item but very effective. It will help give you good luck in the office.

*Arowana for Abundance – When this rare tropical fish swims over treasure it brings good luck and prosperity. It is usually a very unique and colorful figure to display.

That concludes my top 20 Lucky Symbols for Feng Shui Sheng Ch’i. I had to cheap condense the coins and crystals as there would have been 20 variations of that sector alone. Then there were many other items that did not make my top 20.

With that in mind, good luck, good fortune and Sheng Chi! Feng Shui Elephant Trunk

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