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Feng Shui Bed Placement Window – Top 3 Feng Shui Bed Location Principles and Why NOT to Follow Them

Feng Shui Bed Placement Window

Every Feng Shui book I’ve ever read, and even every Feng Shui blog on the internet for that matter, has the same time-worn advice on what the optimum placement is for your bed. Through research and experience with my own clients, I’ve found that what we’ve been told is “optimum” is not always the best for our personal intentions. Here are the top 3 principles of bed placement and why they aren’t always right for everyone: Feng Shui Bed Placement Window

1- The bed should not be in front of a window

My client Gina wanted to have a stronger relationship with her partner. She had been living with him for 5 years and still did not have the wedding band her heart desired. When we moved her bed to the location that was in optimum alignment with what she intended, from the Ancestors to the Future Quadrant of her bedroom, it happened to be in front of a window. It was now in an alcove, beautifully framed by the window treatments, and truly honored her relationship desires. Both partners felt the change and are now on their way to a deeper commitment. So, don’t let windows get in your way of your true intentions, just make sure to draw the curtains at night.

2- The foot of the bed should not point towards a door

Donna and Dale are a couple that met due to Feng Shui. Because of the architectural features of their bedroom, their bed is on the Future wall and faces a set of French doors. It also happens to be in front of a window! The bed was originally in the Ancestors Quadrant in Donna’s room, and two days after she moved it she met Dale. They are now happily married and make sure to draw the curtains at night and close the bedroom doors before going to sleep. Feng Shui Bed Placement Window

3- The bed should be in the area diagonally opposite the door

This principle can be somewhat vague, and it can lead to a bed placement that isn’t in alignment with what you really desire to achieve. This was my case not so long ago, and it’s what sparked me to do more research and to publish a book about bedroom Feng Shui.

My bed was also in the Ancestors Quadrant, which was diagonally opposite my bedroom door, just as all the books suggest. Since my desire was to find a partner and have a committed relationship, this quadrant wasn’t being very helpful. The energetic alignment it was giving me was to have many friendships or for partnerships to trend towards the past. And that’s exactly what was happening! Every potential partner I dated would become a friend, Feng Shui client or fizzle into the past. 3 days after I moved my bed to the Future wall (which was also diagonally opposite my bedroom door), I met a wonderful man that lead me to the relationship I was intending.

I know this may sound somewhat confusing, but the real nugget of truth to the Feng Shui placement of your bed is, that you should first know what your intentions are and then you can decide what quadrant will align you to them. Do you want a relationship in your future? Do you just want to get to know yourself better before you proceed down the relationship path? Are you happy to just have lots of friends and not a solid commitment? Do you just want to have physical connections to partners? Answer these questions and you’ll have the right answer to where your bed should be. And remember, you can always just move your bed! Feng Shui Bed Placement Window

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