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Manifestation Consultant

Shifts happen instantly

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” ~ William Shakespeare

There is thread that permeates your life and is inter-related with all aspects of life.  We are all operating as one connected life.  Nothing you do is in a vacuum.

When you learn to live with the awareness of this inter-connectedness you recognize meaning in even seeming small events.

Awareness translates into energy.  The more attention you give to a thing, the more likely it is to appear. You begin to gain power over your experience as you give your attention to those experiences you wish to increase.

This is the power behind The Law of Attraction.  Your focus, your attention, your observation, directly impacts the universe and how it interacts with you.

The truth about reality is… all is connected and your potential to create a magical life is unbounded. Getting back to the childhood belief in infinite possibilities begins when you become aware of your connectedness.

The visible world is a small portion of who you are.  Even this world is only partly known to you. Your senses limit your ability to experience the material world.

Everything in the material world is created out of information and energy. What we perceive as solid objects are at their core energy.  They are not solid at all.  It is only our physical senses perceiving them as solid.

The quantum world can not be perceived by your senses at any level, even though we glimpse the quantum world when we consider our thoughts.

The frequency (vibration) of energy waves determines our sensory experience of the energetic activity.

There is only one collective energy field.  You and I and everything you experience in the physical world are a part of this collective energy.

There is no border on you that separates you from me or anything else in the physical world.  Your body is perceived as three dimensional but the reality is you are not solid or separate.

Your energy fields exchange information with the energy fields of all material you interact with.

You are connected to everything and everyone and what you see is a projected reality of the unseen world.

So, how you experience your outer world is how you are experiencing yourself.  The source of your experience is unseen and unbounded by space and time.

Awareness of the universal intelligence and connectedness of all is all that is needed to create a magical life, full of seeming miracles.

There is a dimension of existence where we are all one.  Observation and interpretation of your experience, your consciousness, determines what you experience.

Shifts can occur instantly if you allow it.  There is no order of difficulty in miracles.  It is no more difficult to manifest $1 Million dollars than it is to manifest $1.

Tapping into the unseen, pure potential of the quantum world is the key to creating intentionally.

The only delay required for your manifestations is the one you believe.  Pure potential exists in each moment.  All communication in the quantum world is instantaneous.

The idea you give to the moment determines your creation experience.  Tune into the evidence of our connectedness and you will begin to master the intentional creation of your life.


Watch birds in flight shift automatically, in sync as if a single unit.  There is no exchange of physical communication except in the field of awareness.  Recall a time when you communicated with a loved one in thought alone.  Study Cleve Backster or Rupert Sheldrake – both scientists have performed studies on conscious (non-local) communication and intention.

With an awareness of your connectedness, create your intentions with sensory detail and specificity.  Without need or desperation, hold the belief in the manifestation and go about your life as if it were already so.

Watch as miracles begin to manifest.