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[highlight]ATTN: We are re-publishing this page from our Marketing Firm, Huna Marketing, because many of our readers are business owners and this is valuable information you might not otherwise have access to:[/highlight]

Advertising your local business is usually limited to the local yellow pages (no one ever uses anymore) or the local paper guy who stops by your store once a month.  You pay these guys and gals because they are local and you think you have to have the visibility but do you have any return for your investment?

[box style=”rounded”]What if I told you that your targeted advertisement could appear in places like CNN, ESPN, Fox News, Trulia, MSN, The Huffington Post, YouTube, WebMD, Expedia and loads more highly searched websites that reach your geographic, demographic and even psychographic market .[/box]

Huna Advertising proposes that just because you are a so called small business, doesn’t mean you have to advertise or market like one.  The problem most small businesses face is the cost of doing a major ad campaign with any media outlet that is worth while.

Display advertising really is at the heart of what we’re doing at Google these days. 99 percent of our top 1,000 clients are now running campaigns on the Google Display Network and YouTube. And last year, they increased their spending on display advertising by over 75 percent. – Google

Reality is your advertising budget is pretty much just feel good money – it’s not helping your business brand in any way that your bottom line would notice.  But what if you could get huge exposure on highly sought after media space like CNN.com or YouTube targeting your local market?

[highlight]Because at Huna Advertising, we purchase a large enough volume of Ad space you can get your ads displayed on the top local and national sites – such as Dictionary.com, YouTube.com, and CNN.com[/highlight]

If you are a franchise, have Regional or National locations or your clientele comes from Geo Targeted areas around the country – for the first time ever, with Huna Advertising, Ad Creation – Media Buying Service  you can buy Media with Geo Specific Targeting from major and local sites.  This kind of flexibility and niche specific targeting was impossible – until now!

Media buying services are certainly available to the small business and franchise or regional business, at a hefty price, but with the “throw a bunch of money at the wall and hope it sticks” – non targeted display of ads – it was virtually useless if you were trying to target any specific buyer, location or demographic.

Now not only does our buying power give more businesses the opportunity to engage in this powerful branding strategy, but it gives you the power of Geo Targeting and Niche Targeting. So instead of being like a “Coca-Cola” and putting an ad out for the world to see – not only spending millions doing so, but watching most of those advertising dollars falling to the proverbial floor.  You put your ad out to people who have socially expressed interest in your particular product or service and who are in your target geographical location.

 Types of targeting

  • Behavioral targeting –  Ads are targeted to consumers who had previously searched online for  similar content
  • Geo targeting –  Ads are targeted within a geographic area via user’s IP address
  • Contextual targeting – Ads are placed alongside same subject content on web pages
  • Site Retargeting –  Ads are targeted to your website visitors once they’ve left your site

With Huna Advertising you get

  • professionally created ads
  • targeted to your ideal client
  • in your local market
  • visibility reports  including clicks, hovers, and which sites your ads are running on most frequently
  • Targeted to prospects based on their demographics, interests, search habits  and products and services you sell/offer
  • Exposure on high traffic digital sites
  • Brand Awareness and Credibility

 Display advertising is dramatically more cost effective and targeting your prospects than radio or tv!


It’s a fact that many smart businesses are missing loads of prospects that would be perfect for what they offer.

(So if you’re frustrated that you are missing these hungry buyers right now, then I totally get it, sorry.)

If your business is one that would like to capture more customers and brand awareness from the internet, here’s the solution.

Invest in Digital Display Advertising.

This is the first time that I know of that YOU, a small business, can now do what the big boys do.

You can have your own digital display ad, optimized by professionals and placed in targeted spots that show up right before your prospects eyes.

It’s easy to get a quote too.

Just call us at (404) 860-1333 Please leave a message if you don’t get us live.

We are looking forward to helping you.

Remember, you can …

  • Get in front of thousands of online searchers
  • Capture highly qualified prospects
  • Convert prospects to buyers 
  • Get more sales
  • Make more money
This is your opportunity to cash in on the tidal wave of consumers who use online search to find their products and services.


(404) 860-1333


[box style=”rounded”]Where will the ads be shown? On the most popular sites you and your customers visit every day – sites like CNN, ESPN, popular local sites in your market, etc.[/box]

[box style=”rounded”]How can local ads show up on a major worldwide site like CNN? The targeting algorithms of our platform, combined with the major advertising “exchanges”, allows us to buy hyper-targeted ads and show them only to visitors of the site that originate from your targeted geographic area.[/box]

[box style=”rounded”]Does this work for Facebook ads? Probably not the way you are hoping. It runs ads on 3rd party Facebook apps in the Facebook ecosystem, but it does not create or manage the normal Facebook ads you see in your news feed, etc.[/box]

[box style=”rounded”]Who Is Seeing My Ad? Targeting is based on Behavioral and Contextual parameters, ensuring ads appear for the right local audience, on relevant websites. By specifying up to three audience targeting groups, our targeting algorithms will find the best local audience for your type of business.  Then we show the ad in front of local consumers who have expressed interest in your business category, based on the types of websites they visited recently or are currently viewing. Our algorithms are optimized to target people who are the most likely to click on the ad, hands down. All we need from you are the specific targeting groups your business would like to focus on, and the location and mile range that you want to target. We do the rest for you![/box]

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