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Manifestation Consultant

Do Your Hooponopono Cleaning and Let Go

Dr. Hew Len can not believe how many of his closest ho’oponopono students go about their day without first doing their cleaning.  Don’t leave home without cleaning for your travels and activities of the day.  Once you do your ho’oponopono cleaning and let go of expectation and judgement you can sit back and witness the universal intelligence at work.

It is funny how easy it is for blessings to go un-noticed…

Just today, I left the house to grab a quick lunch and was almost immediately confronted with minor traffic annoyances.  Since it is a habitual pattern of mine to stress when I’m driving, I have to clean on any travel I do before heading out.  Although I had been cleaning all morning, I didn’t do any cleaning on my travels.

So, as is typical, I got annoyed at almost nothing at all and the thought crossed my mind that I had been cleaning all morning, what was going on in me?

Just as quickly as I had gotten annoyed, I laughed at how many blessings I had already received in just a few miles of driving, yet failed to acknowledge.  I had been let out in traffic even though I wasn’t the one with the right of way and had a couple other instances of drivers seemingly going out of their way to allow me to turn or merge.  I laughed because I was blessed multiple times and still managed to noticed things to be annoyed about rather than the blessings.

It just goes to show that we are programmed and our programs run the show if our actions are not intentional.

Do your ho’oponopono clearing and let go of outcomes and judgements as you go about your day today. Notice the blessings and recognize, anchor the reality, that your programming will control what you see even when blessings are all around you.

Surrender what blessings must look like and notice what the universe is giving you.

Who you are changes the world.