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Manifestation Consultant

Happily Ever After Now

There is a never ending discovery of who you really are…

You Are Ready Now – You Wouldn’t Be Here If You Weren’t

Because you don’t know how is not reason not to change.


You could not have been in a better situation.  Your life could not have turned out differently than it has.  What happens now, however, is up for grabs! Will you participate in the choosing?

You are in the perfect environment for a new, more fulfilling, uplifting and welcome life experience.

Soon you will understand that creating your life is much more for, in the moment, than getting to some ultimate goal.  You are failing to become who you think you ought to be because you are putting all your energy into the wrong part of the process.  The goal doesn’t have enough power to pull you to it.  It is a never ending “effort” of pushing on when your focus is always on some ultimate goal.

I don’t care if that goal is something as profoundly important to you as “normal” as so many addicts hope for or food for your children. You must know the power of standing right where you are and finding the inherent peace that exists.

When you begin to let go of your focus on all that is wrong with your life experience…

  1.  You begin to witness how utterly powerful you truly are
  2.  You recognize your power is not in your physical being
  3.  You are then able to notice how surrendering your fears and limitations happens so easily
  4.   You experience an entirely new “YOU” – as if the “old life” wasn’t even yours
  5.   This is not changing, getting better, learning new life tools…it is somehow becoming someone entirely new
  6.   Not improving, revealing who you are already.
  7.   Recognizing the stuff you are currently experiencing are really your own ego defense – a way of hiding from God, from yourself for fear of punishment.
  8.   There is no judgement greater than that you are imposing on yourself.
  9.   What God knows is your true perfection and innocence.
  10.   Who you have been is just a story in your mind – you just need to step out of your own story.

We’ll help you step outside the current story and step into a whole new life story!

Register now – This life experience is not who you really are. It is only an illusion, created by YOUR MIND.  Let me help you recognize the truth in that and Start Your Happily Ever After Story Now…

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