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Featured Clearing

Aloha Ho’oponopono Family

I am very excited to introduce an inspired clearing opportunity.  After years of doing personal cleaning and offering clearing, cleaning and blessing services it has been obvious that the most effective and powerful change has been experienced when the clearing was focused, intense and of extended duration.

So, after meditating and clearing,  in an effort to provide the greatest amount of help to the most people I have created a monthly dedicated clearing service…called the Featured Clearing.

What is Monthly Dedicated Clearing Service |Featured Clearing?

One topic is targeted each month for intense clearing.  Clearing on the monthly dedicated topic will be the primary focus of our clearing efforts through out every day for the entire month.

What that looks like is a morning ritual with the Unihipili, one of recognition, communication and love.  Specific clearing while considering the  monthly featured clearing topic will be performed all day long.  Other services and work will be performed but clearing for the monthly dedicated topic will be the default programming that plays and replays in the mind.

Dedicated writing and chanting will also be performed throughout the day.  Ho’oponopono tools will be applied as inspired and life force will be accumulated throughout the day to power the prayers sent to the Aumakua each evening.

This dedicated focus on the monthly topic will be extremely  powerful.  This is why this service was created!  With intense focus on one particular issue we would expect to notice significant shifts in life experience related to the specific issue as well as other issues as no memories are isolated to only specific outcomes.

Because this featured clearing service is going to virtually consume the entire day and because I want as many people as possible to benefit I have decided to request a small monthly fee to be included.  I wanted to make it incredibly easy for anyone who wants to participate to reap the benefits and also have the ability to continue to provide the service for as many people who want it without having to add any concern for finances into the energy.

The Next Featured Clearing begins 12/1/14

Featured Clearing Topic: Believe in The Self Who Manifests

This is a very special monthly clearing because it is what seems to be at the heart of all the lack and fear I see and hear about every single day.  There is a huge gap – that is getting wider every single moment-between those who have heard of their innate ability to create their own lives and those who are actually doing it intentionally.

Don’t mis-read that…we are all doing it.

You and I and everyone else is already creating their own life through their primary subconscious beliefs.  What we are failing to do is to create intentionally.  Finally, once and for all, prove to yourself that all this energy stuff, subconscious stuff and beliefs you have desperately been clinging to for years are actually real.  Let’s make it real for you right now.

Stop this cycle of desire, frustration, fear and hope.  Decide right now that you know that you know that your predominant energy creates your life experience and that you are going to once and for all prove it to yourself.  Join us for this month’s featured clearing and free yourself from this ridiculous cycle of suffering, lack and fear.

Your life experience can change in an instant.  Let’s do it!  You are the only one who can change your life experience – but you can be helped along the way until your faith is stronger.



If this Featured Topic Resonates with you please Click the button to Join This Month’s Featured Clearing and watch Your Entire LIFE EXPERIENCE Shift to an entirely new and beautiful reality.  (you can jump in and out of these monthly Featured Clearings as inspired):

*We will be contacting you personally (not automated so give us a day or so) to confirm we have you on the monthly list but clearing starts the moment You join us so let’s get clearing….