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Manifestation Consultant

Emotional Toughness


There are No excuses. Prosperity and Misery have more to do with subconscious mental baggage and latent programming than anything else. How do I know? One word: Experience.

Dear Friend,

In 1982, I was at Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio, trying to mentally prepare for my first time living away from home. I was a freshman. The softball team was my only place that felt “normal”. I had already been a starter at first base and was now hitting 3rd. I had already been instrumental in winning game after game as the number three hitter. Now is when you would think I would relax, fit in, enjoy my success. College was supposed to be a new beginning.

Like springtime.

But the first baseman didn’t know how to use her mind when it counted. She didn’t believe in herself. She didn’t believe she deserved to win. She thought of herself as a nobody from a nobody town. This was her first trip to what seemed like the big time. She came in unknown and unprepared. She was out of her league. Hell, she was happy JUST to be in the shadows. Success was more than her mind had expected.

You guessed it. I lost that opportunity. I didn’t lose to another player. I lost to a subconscious “set point”. I was used to living in the shadows. And I was going to do whatever it took to keep me there.

Of course I didn’t get it. I thought I wanted a new life. I had even made a “sort of” intention to make college a new chance to be different.

Years later when I thought back on the opportunity I lost and the time I wasted I was devastated; not so much because I left the team and school; but because of what I would have won – if I “would have” given my all. But I didn’t give my ALL because I didn’t know how to direct and govern my mind and INTERNAL FORCES.

We’ve all got an opportunity to make a new beginning…we’ve each got a choice – in every new moment. The present moment is your chance to be different…what will you do with it?

I won’t get into all the physics of it even if I could, but you know you don’t really have An Extra Day because it is leap year right?

You have NOW. Just like you always do. Now is the only time that “exists”. Now is where you do everything. It is the only “time” you can make changes, improvements, get ahead…whatever comes to mind when you think of New Beginnings, New Years or even Leap Year.

Spring always brings with it thoughts of re-birth, renewal, spring cleaning. It is a time of year I always put special emphasis on clearing out old, stale beliefs.

30 years later, when I look at an opportunity, a shot at “the big time”, I am a different woman. I am NOT the same person who was full of fear, self-doubt and worry. And guess what? I walk away as a “champion” no matter what I try now.

What I now Know…at the core of my being…

What runs my life on autopilot is a knowing that ‘what you are Internally Controls your World’.

Now, before you start thinking that I have the entire mental process of success down at this point, think again.

What I can do, consistently and quickly is recognize the power that exists within any circumstance

Once I recognize the old programming trying to take hold of me, I physically move to another area and do some deep breathing exercises. I inhale positive energy and exhale negative – and within a few minutes my mind is focused like a laser. I am clear about my purpose and 100% free of fear.

Guys, it is this ability that takes you from dreamer to accomplishment!

It is the reason your life repeats day after day, year after year

It is the reason you buy the same class of car, the reason you shop at the same stores, dare I say, hang out with the same people

Just like you have a weight setpoint – you have a Success Setpoint

How do I make the mental shift to accomplish my objectives? By using clearing techniques from the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono Cleansing process, S.I.T.H and combining them with Chinese and Indian releasing teachings. I can do this simply by breathing now because I have been practicing clearing and cleansing for almost 30 years now

It was in January of 1995, I began to focus on other areas of my life; areas that I had neglected while I was focusing primarily on my athletics, and without exception, every single area that I concentrated on improved.

And I can teach you how to create the same sort of success in your life, too. But before I do, let me ask: Has anyone else ever pulled you aside and taught you about the Power of your Subconscious Mind – and how you can use it to achieve whatever you want in life?

I doubt it.

How do I know? I know because I’ve spent the better part of my life, some 27+ years learning about and researching the subject of mind power. I’ve gone from being an emotional weakling to a champion for the power of living free from limits. And I’m improving by the day because I now know how to pop the balloons holding fearful and limiting beliefs. I now know how to Emotionally Navigate any situation so All Circumstance Empowers Me!

Perhaps you’re wondering what I can do for you. Perhaps you’re thinking: “Hey, all this success Fran has achieved is great for HER – but what about me?”

Good question. Here’s my answer:

I now offer you Emotional Toughness -the ultimate power over your circumstances – ability to fascinate others – strength to make the good things happen for you the same way that a magnet draws bits of steel.

I offer you rugged individuality – that quality which makes you stand out from the crowd, no longer timid and self-conscious, but a woman’s woman… (or man’s man!)

I offer you a new personality, supreme confidence, and the Emotional Toughness to stay in the frequency of magnetic power to achieve anything you desire.

I offer you SUCCESS – in sports, in business, in academics, in life itself. I offer you the ability to dominate – the ability to get what you want!

Emotional Toughness is the key to harnessing human being’s most powerful force. It is more powerful than electricity because electricity doesn’t think for itself. It doesn’t decide upon something and make it happen. It doesn’t attract the circumstances it wants. Electricity just IS. Emotional Toughness is far more than that.


Its possibilities are startling – almost unreal. Deep down within you, woven into the very fiber of your being lies this power. It is sleeping. And it will sleep forever unless you release the blocks and arouse it! I can awaken the Emotional Toughness within you and I can do it almost overnight – but only if you’re the type of person who is open to a mental shift. Once you make the shift you will begin harnessing and using the Emotional Toughness power within you that moves your goals closer to you and you closer to your goals. You will attract new and better circumstances into your life. You will find yourself on the road to a wonderful self-confidence and a feeling of personal power. You will hold the KEY that unlocks the door to achieving anything you want in life.

This “overnight shift” will be the greatest in your life because it is the beginning of the NEW YOU. In just one evening you can change your mind, your way of thinking and ultimately YOUR LIFE.

How does the Emotional Toughness system work?

The Emotional Toughness system was originally created as a private coaching program for athletes to reach their full potential – but shortly after making it available, people involved in every imaginable pursuit started hiring me and later, telling me how much it helped them get a better job, make more money, improve relationships, get focused on a project, and so on.

I have taken all the information amassed from years of doing these private coaching sessions and organized the information into small pieces of easily understood lessons. Each lesson contains a nugget of wisdom, if practiced will become a part of your DNA. Your internal beliefs, those memories that run your automatic responses to life will be changed, FOREVER.


I will initially feed you the information in a specific order for fastest results. Once you have received your core lessons (21 days – the time it takes you to create a new habit) you will be given access to the entire system revealing a depth and breadth of wisdom enough to catapult you to the highest level of success imaginable.

The entire process is composed of over 100 key’s to Emotional Toughness. A foundation of Beliefs and Behaviors of like minded Emotionally Tough Champions. It will force you to take a radically honest look at where you are and why. It incorporates practical ways of thinking that will shift your consciousness from mediocrity to World Class with the ancient wisdom found in S.I.T.H. (Self Identity Through Ho’oponopono, http://www.self-i-dentity-through-hooponopono.com/) and Powerful Secret Teachings from Enlightened Masters of the East

The information will be available to you inside your members area.

At the time of this writing, this offer is being made as a one time payment. You will have lifetime access with no additional costs.

I do plan to release this as a membership with ongoing monthly payments late spring. So get in now for a one time commitment and lifetime access to the powerful growth strategies and techniques. We will be continually updating and adding information and if you act now you will get all updates immediately as they become available.

This is NOT about dredging up all the reasons for your beliefs. If you want that, as my mentor Wayne Dyer says, call Dr. Phil.

The surest way to stay stuck is to spend time focusing on the past “reasons” for current circumstances.

This is a very very powerful awareness. Once you are able to Operate from Objective Reality, realize you are unaware and take responsibility for your circumstance, you are ready to SOAR!

For those who want instant gratification, my personal clearing energy will be focused on you and your primary goal.

Each member will get to submit their most pressing goal and I will clear away the blocks and limits holding you back.

In addition to the above, you’ll receive ongoing support highlights all the essential parts of the program. As a package, you’ll find everything you need to take you to the next level of success.

Emotional Toughness can easily be priced $1997 all day long – but right now I’m offering it to you for the incredibly low amount of $597 – a steal for the ambitious, determined person who really wants to get the most out of life.

No matter what you are trying to accomplish in your life you cannot become an “overnight success” setting around on your “ars”. But you can take your current level of success to a whole new level of brilliance with nothing more than a conscious and permanent shift in your subconscious setpoint. I’ve done it and I’m going to help you to do the same.

So don’t delay. Click the button below and join the Champions of Emotional Toughness today.

Now, here’s a quick recap at what you’ll learn in the Emotional Toughness system:


  • How to build unshakeable self-confidence (not the Ego kind of Self-Confidence – True – Soul Knowing confidence)
  • How to create what you want instantly. How it is really the only true creation.
  • The connection between visualization and action in making your goals become a reality
  • How to change your destiny
  • Stop Limiting Thinking – for Good
  • Powerful ways to direct your mind to your target so that you always achieve it
  • The Theory of Sound and how it relates to your success
  • How to think about any circumstance so it always brings your goals closer
  • How to calm your mind and let it work for you while your body rests
  • How your subconscious will deliver the answers you need to guarantee your success
  • Bring about instant changes in your self-image
  • Develop World Class Belief Systems
  • The role deep breathing plays in helping you attain your desires
  • Why and how changing your physical space impacts results so quickly
  • Why your work should never be tiring or draining. If it is, you are doing it wrong
  • Ways to make sure you are always totally focused
  • How to increase your power before any physical activity
  • Simple ways to rid yourself of nervousness, fear, anxiety or worry, especially when you feel it prior to a contest
  • And much, much more


A core characteristics of Champions is Decisiveness

Now take your first step and choose to finally live an outrageously wonderful life filled with abundance and ever expanding opportunities. Own the keys to your destiny. Watch your emotional toughness facilitate a new, easy way of being.

ps, Remember, you can’t achieve Champion level happiness, prosperity or success by sitting on your ARS watching tv. Take this first step using your will power….Soon after re-programming your subconscious ways, a decision for your own success won’t be so hard!

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