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Emergency Financial Help

If you need financial help – this article is meant for you.

Soul evolution is why you are here. Within what you are going through right now with your finances, illness or misfortune is an opportunity to learn and transcend the situation.

You have the opportunity right now to make a life transforming decision. This decision has the power to instantly change your finances.

As you have found this article for a purpose, there is a purpose for your current financial experience. You do not however, need to continue with your experience if you are open to receiving the lesson.

“I give thanks for the quick and substantial increase in my financial income now.”

The lesson is often simply a message that there is something you are holding onto that needs to be released. A memory replaying in your subconscious that will not change until you acknowledge it and allow it to be okay.

Your resistance of your situation is holding the situation closer to you. Once again, breathe deep and acknowledge that your financial need is there for a purpose and although you do not know exactly what that purpose is – you appreciate it for bringing you to this realization.

Let the situation know it is okay for it to go now as you are open to releasing the erroneous belief that has held the financial struggle alive for so long.
There is more to you than your physical experience. Go within and speak to your inner guidance. Light a candle and ask for help. When you get your answer – you will know exactly what to do.

You can ask for help in a way that will lead you down the wrong path. When you ask out of fear and desperation, your answers will either not come or will not be pure.

When you ask with the highest good in mind and then let go of the desire and trust the solution is on its way – you must get relief.

You are not alone – no matter how it appears to your five senses.

Our small ego awareness can not possibly see all of the possibilities and choices available to you. When you honor your place in life, you are accepting your situation and its gift to your growth is now available to reveal itself.

Seek to express strength, courage and above all love in your current situation.

Judgement of your experience will prove to keep the situation strong and alive.

There are many things you can do to help clear your mind of the fear and judgement of your financial situation. Begin to prepare for your solution by clearing a space in your home.

Cleaning and clearing clutter from your home willl immediately release a portion of the clutter in your mind. If the job is too daunting for you because of your physical condition, clear and clean one space in your home and make this space sacred.

Only bring loving and joyful energy into this space. Consciously send love to the space. Visualize the nurturing energy of the universe in this space.

Be patient, confident, joyful and expectant – as if you were sure of your outcome….just as if you are sure Christmas morning is coming.

Bring living things into the space, a flower or a plant. Send blessings to the flowers.
Finally, bring a glass of water (in a glass) 3/4 full into your space. Freshen the water often.

It is best to think loving and happy thoughts for several minutes directed toward the water each time you refresh the glass.

These things are not trivial – you can find a great deal of information to support the influence your thoughts have on your physical world. I’ve written extensively about this in other articles so I won’t go into it here. If you need the confidence of mind to take these steps, google”masaru emoto” and read, and watch videos on his water experiments.

If you need financial help for any reason, spend a day in appreciation for the things you do have. Regardless of your need for financial help, there is always something in your life to appreciate.

As long as you are still breathing – this is true for you too!

It is my intention to offer assistance to those who need financial help as their most pressing need and explain the how later.

With each passing day your financial problems seem to grow. Our time to act is now.

Be aware of how you are feeling as you are reading this article. Have you released some of the tension you had when you began reading?

If yes, that is wonderful.
If no, your focus on your need for financial help is acting like a cloud surrounding your energy.

If you wish to change the energy around your financial experience, I can help, but you must have the ability to at least hope it can be true.

Your skepticism and limited belief of how a solution can show up must have at least a crack that will allow help to come.

Your energy is so thick with fear and desperation, nothing can get near you except situations that nurture more fear and desperation.

Even if you can not see a solution, take one moment to thank your source of spiritual guidance for another day.

As you get deeply involved in appreciation, you allow more things to appreciate to show up in your experience.

The most important thing for you right now is to break the barrier of this heavy, tense and frightened energy.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Allow your breath to flow in and out naturally for a few moments.

To be open to financial help, you must strive to keep your body and mind in alignment with receiving financial help. Not from a seed of desperation or victimhood but from a wonderful, loving, surprising, joyful source.

If you have felt the tiniest bit of hope or twinge of release from your fear, you are experiencing just a bit of the energy of love infused in this article.

Notice your ability to feel just a little bit better even though your financial circumstances do not appear to have shifted one bit.

I say appear, because your situation can shift in an instant. Change always happens before the appearance of the change manifests. It must be.

Even if you were able to instantly manifest a bar of gold from a simple thought…the thought must happen first.

You are on a journey, it is your choice if you would like to move past this financial need now.

Our desire for financial freedom for all has inspired this project. It is our greatest desire to see you experience a life of joy, prosperity and meaning. Please allow us to help you release this energy of financial lack.

We have put together a program of financial help for you! Please find the hope in your heart enough to believe it is possible for you.

Joining our project for $5 for the first month ($17 /month after that) is all you need to decide on right now. We will spend this month feeding your mind and nurturing your soul with loving, prosperous and hopeful energy.

While dedicating prayer, cleansing and releasing techniques on your behalf every single day. Your financial help is here. Believe in your own true nature enough to invest $5 in yourself right now.

Our cleansing will begin immediately. If you do not experience a shift in your finances enough so that $17 next month seems easy for you, then just cancel. But we know your situation is ready for a shift. This time next month a decision to spend $5 will seem silly to you.

Join us now – your financial help is here!

Emergency Financial prayers and clearing will begin as soon as we get your registration!

It is spritually right to prosper!

Although every major religion recognizes poverty as the number one problem facing society even today ministers who preach about prosperity are called heretics and punished for abundant living. Money is not evil. Money is simply the primary tool of exchange in our world.

Without it individuals and societies suffer. There is nothing evil or wrong with prosperity. True prosperity is loving, appreciative and giving. If you are struggling with the thought of being prosperous you can choose to remain in your suffering or re-consider your thinking about abundance.

True abundance is witnessed all around you. Walk outside and witness the natural beauty around you. I don’t care if you live in the middle of the getto or desert…the sky, the clouds, the birds…all seemingly endless, effortless in their being. Nature symbolizes the abundance of creation.

The fact that you exist right now is proof that creation is effortless and flowing. Money is simply an energy of being. A way of co-existing with the world. You can choose to resist and struggle or you can flow and allow the flow of abundance. The beauty is – you get to choose.

If you are resisting the idea that it is your choice – just know, your very resistance is what is keeping you aligned with struggle. Feel the energy of your resistance. Notice what parts of your body are tight and anxious right now.

Take a deep breathe and close your eyes. Just this simple action should release a great deal of stress. That feeling of release is in closer alignment with prosperity. It is all about energy. Vibration and energy…you can not change your experience until you change your vibration.

Prosperity is simply a vibration aligned with ease and happiness.

How could it be wrong to feel at ease with yourself. If you are using religion as your excuse for your poverty, what do you think that says about your god? When you trust you do not fear. When you fear you do not trust.

It is not an easy concept to integrate into your life if you are trying to do it with your ego mind. Prosperity consciousness is not a psychological understanding – it is a knowing.

Let me help you release the old beliefs with ancient energy techniques while teaching you the practical concepts of being prosperous. The shift and financial help can happen immediately. It is simply a matter of you letting go and allowing. It is simple but not easy. Let’s do it together.

Join me now:

Emergency Financial prayers and clearing will begin as soon as we get your registration!

“Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

Mt 22:37-40

pss…If you are looking for more, please visit: http://emergencyfinancialhelp.org