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Neville Goddard “Weight Loss” (Various Lecture Compilation)

Neville Goddard “Weight Loss” (Various Lecture Compilation)

Requested by Latin Roses

Some of these Neville quotes I have recorded before but they fit for this requested topic and repetition is a good teacher.

A lady who is here tonight – she has forgotten. About two or three months ago she said to me, “Look how fat I am getting – bursting out of my clothes!”

I said, “You aren’t too fat at all.”

Then she said, “I want to be thin.”

I said, “Well, you ARE thin. You are as thin as you want to be or even thinner.” And she left.

She returned tonight, and she said, “Look, I can’t stand it – how thin I am!”

I said, “Do you recall that two months ago, or maybe three months ago, you said to me how fat you are? I couldn’t see it, but to you it was fat, and you despised yourself for the fatness.”

So she comes back and she’s thin. Yes, she is thin – obviously very thin. For a small, little lady, it is quite a loss of weight. You can do it with anything in this world.

— Neville, All-Powerful Human Words (Lecture)

Typically a mind virus would translate to you as a belief or idea that keeps you stuck in a limitation of a condition or a circumstance. These limited beliefs takes over a part of your brain and act to you as true and keeps you believing them without being consciously aware that they are limiting you.

Many mind viruses exist by accident and people believe them. Some of them serves us and many of us don’t. One such is as you get older you can’t lose weight. Another one is as you get older your body starts to fall apart. Now some doctors would swear by their training this is true and then you have others who have researched how the body reacts to old age and they would disagree. Another positive one is “Eat your vegetables they are good for you.”

Hacking your life is about taking the mind viruses of the past that had stopped you before and plant new assumptions, beliefs, and inner conversations. They are maintained by you sustaining within yourself those new feelings of assumptions, beliefs, and inner conversations.

The word hacking has had negative connotations in the past but today realize that hacking your own feelings and thoughts is nothing more than giving yourself permission to be the creator of your life which you know you ultimately are.

Gary Nordgren

So I have been a size 16 for years, no matter how much I went to the gym. Sometimes I would drop to a 14 or a 12, but not for long. When I started studying Neville Goddard’s teachings in September, I made three huge goals, but I also had several smaller ones. One of my smaller ones was to be a size 7 like I was when I was 21. I affirmed it and then let it go. My focus was on my three larger goals for several months so except for noting that my clothes were becoming awful loose, I didn’t really pay attention.

Until I went to the store to buy new sweats and came home with size medium Women’s. I looked at the tags and squealed. A size medium is the equivalent of a size 7-9

Now let me make this blunt. I NEVER truly concentrated on this goal. I affirmed it, put it out to the universe and then let it go. I did not go on a diet. Did I exercise? Yes, but I’ve been doing that for years. I did not increase my exercise. In fact, I’ve gone to the gym less over the last month due to other things than I have for several years.

And look at me now! I’m a size 7 😀

Now, as to how many pounds I’ve lost? No idea. I elected months ago to toss out the scale and never look at it again because the thing tricks us. If we focus on the scale, we trust in the physical rather than the power within.

Cynthia Kimball
Goal Achieved!

Neville on Abdullah:

“And of course he would sit down and he would have 2 or 3 big shots of rye. I mean big shots of rye. And then he would wash down his meal with a lot of Porta or if it wasn’t beer it was an ale. And then he would at the end, like Churchill, a huge big bowel of ice cream. I said, “Ab how can you do that?”, “Oh,” he said, “You couldn’t do it, it would poison you because you have quibbles.”

“So he said you have quibbles Neville, with any of your quibbles it will poison you. But he would sit down and polish off this enormous meal and wash it down with ale, precede it with 3 shots of rye, and here was a man truly of the spirit.”

Neville’s Teacher Abdulah Asks – Are Quibbles Holding You Back? – Free Neville Goddard

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