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Neville Goddard: The Law of Identical Harvest – HD – [Full Lecture]

Neville Goddard: The Law of Identical Harvest – HD – [Full Lecture]

1970 Lecture Series
Read by Josiah Brandt with reverence, pause, emphasis and effect.
Follow along here: http://certainworld.com/pdf/THE%20IDENTICAL%20HARVEST.pdf

“So, here we have a law. It’s a principle: and morning, noon and night you and I are operating this principle: and we can’t stop it. If the world seems confused today, it’s confused because we, the operant power, made it what it is. There is no power outside of man doing anything. Why? Because God became man, that man may become God! He actually became as I am, that I may be as He is. He’s not pretending that he’s Neville. He actually became Neville. He’s not pretending that He is you. He actually became you. And in you, He is your own wonderful human imagination, and one day you will know it.”

In this lecture undated lecture (estimated to be July, 1970), Neville shares a few personal stories and stories from members of his audience of how the Law has been used to manifest specific, beneficial outcomes in his life. He skillfully relates the situations of his life to the Big Picture of God Incarnate in Man, and demonstrates how this is the Truth that sets Man free.

Like and subscribe to receive notifications when new Neville lectures and books are posted. I read these words as they were originally intended to be read – by a real human! It is my intention to honor these words with my voice. I trust they will bring you much joy.

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