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"However evil-minded other people may appear to you, it is not proper to hate or despise them. Likes and dislikes, love and hatred are equally to be eschewed. It is also not proper to let the mind often rest on objects or affairs of mundane life. As far as possible one should not interfere in the affairs of others." ~Sri Ramana Maharshi ...


Frankly, YOU!
Not You specifically, but me, you and all human beings.
We don’t really live in the present moment, ever. Regardless of how “mindfull” we are.
That’s because…
Well, let me backup…
We not only don’t ever really live in the present moment but we don’t really have free will either!
Bet I’m making lots of friends here.
Before I lose you – let me explain…
You do have free will but it’s not the “will” you think it is.
You see you don’t see reality – ever. You only see through the lense or filter of your subconscious beliefs.
I know you’ve heard this before but once you really know what it means for you and your life – you will never be the same again.

Before you start arguing about how unbiased you are –answer this one question…

Do you see your family, friends, relatives and neighbors with fresh eyes every single time you talk?
Of course you don’t. Because you have history, experience and memories…YOUR Lense!
Until and unless your lense is completely clear and free of memories you are not seeing reality as it is.

And, although I said you never see reality –that is not exactly true. There are moments, most if not all of us have experience where we are overwhelmed with feelings of compassion or love or times when our intuition speaks to us and we listen.
Not the fearful intuition…that is not real. Source intuition is never fearful.
At those moments when we felt pure love with no judgement or thoughts or heard our guidance in the brief quiet of the moment – we were pure, without memory.

Unfortunately, those moments are extremely rare unless we are committed to our desire to see through the pure lense of the Divine.

Most of the time, not only are you seeing through the lense of memories, but those memories aren’t real, true or accurate either.
I’m not implying you are experiencing early onset alzheimers.

I am saying that the experiences you have had in your life have all been clouded by memories replaying.

There is no pure, clear and true seeing unless you are in a place of total surrender.

Short of meditating in a cave somewhere for 30 years…your choice is a moment by moment one of letting go.

What are you letting go of?

Your thoughts of yourself, others, experience. All judgements, conclusions, questions that come up moment by moment are nothing more than subconscious beliefs surfacing over and over again.

Your beliefs are not even of your creation!

Your beliefs (memories) are products of beliefs your family, relatives, ancestors, cultures, religions and societies have passed down from the beginning of time until now.

The Interesting thing to get here is that you are actually quite unique.

No one has had the identical experience, so these memories keep morphing, adapting and mutating, getting stronger and more resistant to cultural wide surrender.

That is huge when you get it.

You are the only person who “owns” particular mutations of memories. Therefore, you and only you can release them.

The beautiful thing is that when you surrender your part of the memory web, it starts to unravel the whole memory web infrastructure.

Your life experience is highly pliable.

Your real and true will power is simple. Your choice is to live in memory or live clear.

Any other choice is clouded by the fears, beliefs and nonsense handed down to you from the beginning of time until now.

You think you are choosing how to live your life but the choices are being made for you. The more often you make the same choice, the more ties, more memories you are creating and the more likely that life experience continues to play out.

Choose from a clear mind and change your world. It can happen in an instant!

Your life experience (Reality) is highly flexible and can change in an instant. If THE THOUGHT OF CHANGING YOUR LIFE IN AN INSTANT immediately turned to something negative, a car accident, an is only because you have a program of fear replaying.

Your response is only a program...not reality. Your Reality Can Change So Dramatically, So Fast, You Could Need to Catch UP in your Personal Development (ie a Lottery Winner must change beliefs quickly if she is to keep her winnings).

If you Are Ready For a Life Altering Moment and You Are Open To Hear Something You May Have Previously Heard but Believed Was Impossible for You....With Fresh Ears/Eyes...not Clouded by False Limitations....

Then Please Spend About An Hour With Me Tuesday Night (on the Phone or on Computer). No Opting In. I won't Even know You are there unless you Come Back Here afterwards and Message Me.

What do you have to lose but your fear, limiting beliefs and maybe the part of your life experience you have been dreaming of losing for so long now? 🙂

Attend this training Tuesday July 14th from anywhere in the world - -
Call number, 206-402-0100 pin 486064#

To find a local number anywhere in the U.S., Australia, Canada, and the U.K. use this link,

USA Times
7:00 pm EST

Use this link to find times not listed above

It is common knowledge that your subconscious holds the key to your life experience. Whatever you call it, memories, subconscious, Karma, the reality is, there is a force acting just below awareness that is responsible for what your life looks like. It is imperative to your ability to create your life on purpose to identify and learn how to know when subconscious fears block manifesting.

When you are able to identify subconscious fears that block your manifesting, you not only empower yourself with increased awareness, you learn the key to vibrating at the frequency of any desire you imagine.

It is really a very simple thing to do. And it is the thing that stops you and almost everyone who tries to manifest based on law of attraction principles.

Once you know how to be aware of the subconscious fear blocking your manifestation, you can instantly change your vibration.

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