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Feel It Real Fun Episode 510 – Jerry Seinfeld’s Manifesting Secret

Feel It Real Fun Episode 510 – Jerry Seinfeld’s Manifesting Secret

Join us LIVE for FEEL IT REAL FUN – Episode 510 – Jerry Seinfeld’s Manifesting Secret! – Join us LIVE at the top of the hour! Watch on our PERSONAL timeline!

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Dear TT and V,

“I was thinking how cool it would be to have an extra ,000 a month come in…outside my day job.”

“Would you recommend i live from the end of feeling a ,000 a month…or just catch the mood of more wealth..and have living from that state bring about idea’s and such.” – Patrick

Use the Seinfeld Secret

“Because consciousness is the only reality I must assume that I am already that which I desire to be. If I do not believe that I am already what I want to be, then I remain as I am and die in this limitation.” – Neville Goddard

I Keep Manifesting Last Minute Money – What can I do to change that? – Free Neville Goddard

An episode of your life….

#1: How you shop for peanut butter…

#2: My NOW typical morning….


9 months ago


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