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Narcassistic Wounds

Guys, I know this may not be what you are looking for but it is what you need if you want to live a life of freedom. Freedom means you are not bound by interpretations of past experiences. Your world and your ideas of who you are, what you deserve, what life is like…everything about […]

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THE MOST IMPORTANT BOOK YOU CAN READ THIS YEAR LEARN TO TAP INTO YOUR INFINITE POTENTIAL BY JOINING US AT If you want help applying this new awareness to your life for spectacular results…consider joining us in Emotional Toughness. Our little group is going to change the world for each other and so many […]

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LEAP YEAR SPRING CLEANING…BETTER THAN DRUGS! [media:] No excuses, pal. Prosperity and Misery have more to do with subconscious mental baggage and latent programming than anything else. How do I know? One word: Experience. Dear Friend, In 1982, I was at Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio, trying to mentally prepare for my first time […]

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Emotional Toughness

Hi Friend, I am not sure why you chose not to join today. I can only imagine that your belief in your own potential is not strong enough. If it were, there is no way you could deny yourself this opportunity. It is my heartfelt desire for you to experience a magnificent life full of […]

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