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Benefits Of Hematite Magnetic Jewelry Hematite magnetic jewelry has been known to display strong therapeutic properties. This kind of jewelry relieves aches and pains as it successfully increases blood circulation in the body. When blood circulation increases, oxygen supplied to various parts of the body increases. Increased flow of oxygen increases the rate of healing […]

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Crystal Healing Therapy

Crystal healing? There is a lady where i work who is in agony through arthritis, she is sometimes crying at work. I have used crystals in the past to help me for things. I cannot seem to find one that helps people with artritis. I just want to give it to her to help her…she […]

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The Healing Properties of Citrine Citrine, November’s birthstone, is frequently referred to as “the gemstone of achievement,” and unfortunately suffers from a case of mistaken identity that keeps gemstone fans from appreciating its splendor. Natural Citrine’s color can range from a pale lemon yellow to a rich golden brown. After Citrine is faceted into a […]

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how long you leave it. I've never heard of, but this way to know is to try. 🙂 The Points – BIG, Buckshot, Ill Al Scratch, Bone Thugs, Re

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