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Manifestation Consultant

Huna Manifestation

LET THAT WHICH IS UNKNOWN BECOME KNOWN.  LEARN HUNA MANIFESTATION TO FINALLY EXPERIENCE YOUR MAGICAL LIFE. Huna does not require belief.  It will not make water into wine for you just because you read about it or listened to a lecture on it. Huna offers a method, one of many you might choose, to harness […]

Your Concept of Self

Your concept of Self determines the life you experience! Just how do you know what concept you hold of your Self?  Look at your reactions to what you experience as life.  Your reactions are the symptoms of your prominent thoughts and beliefs.  How you react is who you think you are. Who you think you […]

The Unihipili

The Unihipili is the inner child or lower self in Huna and Ho’oponopono. The Unihipili is the source and storehouse of emotions. Check this out for more information on Huna

Vital Force

Vital Force or Mana is symbolized by water in Huna.  When you create an accumulation of Mana, and send it to the High Self  prayers are empowered. All prayers, not matter what your intention, go through the subconscious (lower self) or Unihipili to the Superconscious (high self) or Aumakua.  Prayers are sent to the High […]