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Manifestation Consultant

Make a difference in your life and change the world

If you have struggled to find your purpose or work that fulfills you and fills your heart with joy, I invite you to watch the below video (it’s a full day live  conference recording – so you can fast forward through some of the dead time). If your heart leaps out of your chest at […]

The Difference Between a Teacher and a Master

The Difference Between A Teacher and A Master is… The Master doesn’t mind what happens!   You may have heard the expression “When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears”.  What you may not know is there is more to that quote.  It goes on to say “When the Teacher is Ready, The Master Appears”. […]

Your Relationship to Prosperity

Hi Whisperer’s… Hope you are enjoying this moment. I just recorded a quickie video for you after getting something in the mail triggered a memory about my relationship to money.  I hope it helps you identify your internal beliefs about money and helps you finally open to all the abundance and prosperity you desire. When […]

How to Get Off The Sidelines and In The Game

If you feel like you have been practicing for years and are still sitting on the sidelines of your own dream life, now is the time to get off the sidelines and in the game. Your life is just that…YOUR life.  You get to live any way you choose.  So yes, this does mean that […]

How can I believe in myself

Probably the number one question I get from readers and students is “how can I believe in myself” as prosperous when all I see is negative bank balances and a stack of bills? This mindset is clearly the number one stumbling block to receiving good.  But you already know you are supposed to focus on […]

How To Sell A Home Fast

In Today’s economy you need every advantage to sell a home fast.  If you are not attending to the clearing of the energy in your home you are going to be subject to the laws and circumstances of the current economic forces. However, if you know how to clear the way, the ideal buyer will […]

Blogging pays the bills


Financial Help

If you need financial help – this article is meant for you. Soul evolution is why you are here. Within what you are going through right now with your finances, illness or misfortune is an opportunity to learn and transcend the situation. You have the opportunity right now to make a life transforming decision. This […]