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Manifestation Consultant

How to Get Off The Sidelines and In The Game

If you feel like you have been practicing for years and are still sitting on the sidelines of your own dream life, now is the time to get off the sidelines and in the game. Your life is just that…YOUR life.  You get to live any way you choose.  So yes, this does mean that […]

Financial Help

If you need financial help – this article is meant for you. Soul evolution is why you are here. Within what you are going through right now with your finances, illness or misfortune is an opportunity to learn and transcend the situation. You have the opportunity right now to make a life transforming decision. This […]

You Are Sending Your Energy Out For All To Feel

“Who you are shouts so loudly at me, I can not hear what you say”                 ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson This quote is one of the reasons I began studying energy work.  It has had a profound impact on who I am and who I want to “be-come”.  Of course, I already am everything I aspire […]

How does a House Blessing work?

problems.  Or the land was involved in some sort of legal dispute.  Whatever I hear, helps direct me to cleanse the memories quicker.  Essentially, I merge my energy with that of the home. Intuition, or the source, tells me what the house needs and I move the lack, struggle and dis-eased energy out.  Then, after releasing […]

House Blessing

house blessing or property blessing is in order for any home or property and is recommended that it be repeated once a year.  Whether you are the lucky winner of the HGTV Dream Home or an investor buying property from a foreclosure – your home has the memories of every person who has had contact […]