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mercury retrograde

Mercury Retrograde Is The Reason You Are…

Be warned! Mercury Retrograde has started, making it difficult for you to see what’s right in front of you. This disorienting energy can make you feel blindfolded, and captive to confusion and self-doubt. But there’s a way to set yourself free!~ Tarot.com   Mercury Retrograde is the reason you are feeling edgy but the good […]

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You Know What To Do

Know your true Self and you always know what to do. Let yourself Be who you are and all things work together in perfect harmony to create your life as you imagined. This is not about knowing your purpose.  Your purpose will come to you when you are connected to Self…your origin, divinity.  Your purpose […]

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Why Your Clearing Hasn’t Worked

If your life journey has brought you to a practice of releasing and a belief in memories replaying…like it did for me, and your experiences have been less than magical, there may be a good reason. There is a concept I want to introduce for your consideration. In my healing work I have continually searched for […]

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Jump Room

No time elapsed and what you imagine becomes real. You’ve heard your thoughts are real and make manifest. You’ve heard you can control and manipulate reality with your mind. Someday is actually here. It is not an accident that the world consciousness has opened to these concepts and the Mayan Calendar and 2012 predictions have […]

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LEAP YEAR SPRING CLEANING…BETTER THAN DRUGS! [media:http://youtu.be/QNFwh3FgBN8] No excuses, pal. Prosperity and Misery have more to do with subconscious mental baggage and latent programming than anything else. How do I know? One word: Experience. Dear Friend, In 1982, I was at Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio, trying to mentally prepare for my first time […]

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Thank you for joining the Daily “Pray Without Ceasing”. We will add your name to our daily meditations and prayers beginning tomorrow (day after you register). Your name and address (if provided) will be named out loud. Prayers and petitions on your behalf will be made during a small group Daily Prayer Ritual for a […]

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Thank you and welcome to your Prayer Without Ceasing Jump Room. Please submit the date of your event asap to reserve your spot. You are NOT confirmed until we receive your event date. Please use the form to your left now to guarantee your spot. Once we receive your date you will get a confirmation […]

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