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Manifestation Consultant


Fran Horvath, the Prosperity Whisperer is an Atlanta, Georgia-based Manifestation Consultant, Remote healer, energy worker, author, spiritual teacher and coach, empath and founder of a host of higher consciousness based businesses.

Formerly a member of the corporate world, serving in a variety of roles from Regional Sales Manager to Account Executive she has provided strategic marketing consulting and personal empowerment to Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations. Her non-traditional strategies have been responsible for creating more enlightened workplaces.

Fran opened her first online business at the age of 40 and several years later became one of the early pioneers of the post “Secret” personal empowerment movement, building the first personal empowerment scholarship project in the world. Her latest ventures have been Internet- based energy work where she has quickly demonstrated her intuitive and healing acumen. One of her sites, TheHumanPotentialCentre.org is dedicated to creating a child development center to help raise children with a foundation based on limitless creation. Her other websites are found at HunaMarketing.com, HunaPublishing.com, GoProAthleteMagazine.com and ProsperityWhisperer.com.

Fran’s energy work is based on her years of study with The Silva Method, Ho’oponopono, The Sedona Method, The Reconnection, Theta Healing and countless other influences, like Ram Dass, Jeddah Mali, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and Dolf de Roos. Her unique ability as an empath to experience the clients’ own emotions and then take responsibility for the erroneous limiting beliefs allows her to impact the client experience by working on releasing the beliefs within herself and thereby cleasing the beliefs from the clients’ experience.