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Archives for July 2014

Where’s Dr. Hew Len

If you have been wondering where’s Dr. Hew Len or waiting for his next live appearance please read this important notice! Although I read and listen (still do) to everything he has ever produced, I regret never seeing Dr. David Hawkins in person.  Now Dr. Hew Len has stopped teaching live Ho’oponopono classes.  In your […]

Peace begins with me

You must do your part if you want anything in your life or this world to change. Peace begins with me ~ Morrnah Simeona When you look at your reactions to everyday life you recognize what beliefs are stored in your subconscious.  Your thoughts reveal the data that is determining everything you experience as “your […]

What its like to be Dr. Hew Len

UPDATE: THE IT TEAM OVER AT ZEROLAG HAVE BEEN BUSY MAKING SOME UPDATES.  THE NEW LINKS TO THIS VIDEO ARE BELOW!   Want to know what its like to be Dr. Hew Len? If you are like I am you are way too hard on yourself for not being farther along than you are in […]

Other dimensions and the wisdom of searching them out

Spiritual safety dictates it is not wise to delve into other dimensions.  It is not that we are denying the existence, it is about being properly equipped to handle what you will find.  Do not mess with spiritual practice that teach practices that are not of the highest spiritual order. Man is condemned to be […]

Hooponopono and I’m Sorry Please Forgive Me

These Self Identity Through Ho’oponopono phrases, I’m sorry please forgive me have caused much concern and questioning.  I am sorry for anything in me that is showing up as confusion or doubt about Self Identity Through Ho’oponopono. Dr. Hew Len says that there is only this reaction because the doubt is within me…so it is. […]