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Your Emotions are your Prayers

Your feelings are manifestations!  They are the pre-manifestations to your material life experience.  Your emotions are your prayers – they will tell you exactly what you are putting your attention on and will predict exactly what you will manifest in the world around you. This truth has been said in many ways by many teachers […]

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half way through 2014

Half Way Through 2014

Does your 2014 look significantly different than your last year? Have you changed your life experience in any ways that are meaningful to you? We are almost half way through 2014 and we are here to tap you on the shoulder to remind you of your dreams. It’s not that you are not capable of […]

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mercury retrograde

Mercury Retrograde Is The Reason You Are…

Be warned! Mercury Retrograde has started, making it difficult for you to see what’s right in front of you. This disorienting energy can make you feel blindfolded, and captive to confusion and self-doubt. But there’s a way to set yourself free!~   Mercury Retrograde is the reason you are feeling edgy but the good […]

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