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raise your money vibration

Raise Your Money Vibration in 30 Minutes

Change doesn’t have to take years.  It can happen and does happen in an instant…it only seems like it takes years because you are searching and “practicing” for so long until finally something clicks and nothing is ever the same.  The change actually happens instantly.  And the change is permanent.  When you raise your money […]

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Creating real wealth, prosperity and affluence

The conditions necessary for the flow of real wealth are simple and full-proof …it is only a matter of your submersing yourself in the process.  It is only by experiencing that we become.  Creating real wealth, prosperity and affluence is not simply about money but money is certainly an integral piece of the pie.  Happiness, […]

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vertical time

Vertical Time

In any moment of “time” many experiences are playing out at the same moment.  Your potential futures are already created…waiting for your attention to manifest.  Your Vertical Time Destiny awaits you to choose the moments’ possibility. Your relationship to time determines your life experience in every moment. Your future is yours to reveal through your […]

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