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Archives for January 2014

A Gift in Every Problem

The problems you are so diligently trying to rid yourself of are your own doing. You intentionally created the situation for the gift you know exists in every problem. Look for the gift. Find it and the problem will have served its purpose.

How can I believe in myself

Probably the number one question I get from readers and students is “how can I believe in myself” as prosperous when all I see is negative bank balances and a stack of bills? This mindset is clearly the number one stumbling block to receiving good.  But you already know you are supposed to focus on […]

Ho’oponopono and Prosperity

Ho’oponopono is a way to make right.  Your true nature is experienced as ease and a love so profoundly powerful it heals those around you.  The practice of Ho’oponopono releases the data that blocks your awareness of Divinity. Divinity is prosperity. Anything less is a sin, or missing the mark.  It is your birthright to […]

Handling Emotions

How you handle your emotions determines your ability to experience the life you want. Handling emotions is a key component to living a self directed life. Your emotions are the best friend you’ve ever had.   Emotions are always honest with you   Emotions never let you get away with being less than who you […]

Do Not Waste Another Moment

Your life is waiting for you…Do Not Waste Another Moment! If you can honestly say you are living your life in the present moment from a divinely centered place then congratulations…you are among the rare 1%.  If however you are still wandering around waiting for your life to start…here is your wake up call.  You […]

The 1 Ultimate Path to Getting Anything You Want

There is 1 ultimate path that will lead you to manifest anything you want.  Wealth, Vitality, Love, Freedom, Well Being…any pot of gold you want.  You can do virtually anything you desire if only you were on the ultimate path. No doubt you have already heard of this path but obviously are unaware of its […]

Change your Karma

What if you could change your karma? Is it possible? If so, what does changing karma even mean? Many, including myself, teach about releasing, clearing, cleaning or surrendering as a way of clearing karma. And while surrendering all resistance is the ultimate path to conscious shifting…there is another way.   Maybe easier than surrender, living […]

Your Concept of Self

Your concept of Self determines the life you experience! Just how do you know what concept you hold of your Self?  Look at your reactions to what you experience as life.  Your reactions are the symptoms of your prominent thoughts and beliefs.  How you react is who you think you are. Who you think you […]

Feed Only What You Want To Grow

It is so easy to slip into a belief process you do not want to manifest…even when you are a peak performer.  The example of The Miami Heat and their attempt to 3-Peat will demonstrate this powerfully. You would think that an elite athlete who has seemingly mastered the power of his mind would easily […]