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Nostradamus 2012

Nostradamus: The End of End Times $12.50 The Media and New Age Gurus made 2012 The ‘Lindsey Lohan’ of End Time Dates. What was 2012 really about and what more important reboots of ages are happening that we missed? The purported end of the Mayan Calendar on 21 December 2012 had been marketed for over […]

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Prophecies 2012

The Orion Prophecy: Will the World Be Destroyed in 2012 (Egyptian & Mayan Prophecies on the Cateclysm of 2012) $3.99 In the year 2012 the Earth awaits a super catastrophe: its magnetic field will turn over in one go. Phenomenal earthquakes and tidal waves will completely destroy our civilisation. Europe and North America will shift […]

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