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Narcassistic Wounds

Guys, I know this may not be what you are looking for but it is what you need if you want to live a life of freedom. Freedom means you are not bound by interpretations of past experiences. Your world and your ideas of who you are, what you deserve, what life is like…everything about […]

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Feng Shui Jewellery

What does the red cord on jade jewelry in Buddhism mean? is there a special way to tie it? I know it basically mean protection. i received a jade piece with the red cord and i’m not sure how to tie it. are there any Buddhist or feng shui guidelines for doing so? In Mahayana […]

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Nostradamus 2012 Prophecy

Nostradamus Maya 2012: Más allá de la profecía maya del fin del mundo (Spanish Edition) $5.00 Exploring such questions as Will the world end in 2012? and What cosmic messages did ancient civilizations leave behind?, this remarkable guide discusses the multifaceted mysteries that surround the Mayan civilization and the real significance of their extraordinary predictions. This timely analysis addresses topics such […]

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End Times Signs

The Signs of Our Times: 12 Biblical Reasons Why This Could Be The Generation of The Rapture HOW IS OUR GENERATION so different from every other that came before us, who thought that they would be the ones to experience the Rapture and witness Christ’s Return?In our Generation –25% of the world is anti-Semitic.Christians are […]

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Financial Freedom Welcome

This is the most exciting day of my life. Your decision to permanently change your subconscious beliefs is a dream come true for me. If this sounds strange to you – just know that what I know is that when you help another person your own blessing is beyond measure. My rewards from your success […]

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