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LEAP YEAR SPRING CLEANING…BETTER THAN DRUGS! [media:] No excuses, pal. Prosperity and Misery have more to do with subconscious mental baggage and latent programming than anything else. How do I know? One word: Experience. Dear Friend, In 1982, I was at Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio, trying to mentally prepare for my first time […]

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Emotional Toughness

Hi Friend, I am not sure why you chose not to join today. I can only imagine that your belief in your own potential is not strong enough. If it were, there is no way you could deny yourself this opportunity. It is my heartfelt desire for you to experience a magnificent life full of […]

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Chardon High School Shooting

Today is a day for those of us who understand energy to focus love towards the community of Chardon Ohio. This is a place near and dear to my heart. My family is from this area. My older brother raised his children in Chardon. His kids went to Chardon High School….just a few short years […]

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How to get a Grand today!

There is more energy swirling around manifesting, creating abundance and prosperity today than ever before in history. The awareness of beings as energy and the unlimited potential for intentional creation is virtually common knowledge. The sad reality is there is more suffering and lack being experienced, in great part because of this knowledge, than ever […]

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How do you spell freedom?

More than ever there is a strong pull for financial and personal freedom. For many people, that means creating something of their own. But just how do you make that transition from J.O.B. to Self Employed? It can be a tricky place to navigate. Not because opportunity does not exist – quite the opposite. There […]

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