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Nostradamus Predictions

Nostradamus: Predictions of World War III $5.95 Though the prophecies of Nostradamus covered several certuries, the predictions of the worlds most famous seer seem more appropriate now than ever before. The author untagles the web of confusion that often surrounds Nostradamus’ work. And he does it with considerable success, pointing out the inconsistancies in some […]

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Katatonia – Endtime The Coming End-Time Awakening: Biblical Proof that there is a Great Move of God during the Great Tribulation What will be the condition of the Body of believers before Yeshua (Jesus) returns? Will we be stuck in gloom and doom? Or will there be a last days revival that will overshadow the […]

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Vision Board

How to Make a Vision Board with Affirmations for Attraction! Abiola’s Bombshell Academy Day 30!! The Complete Guide to Vision Boards: The Ultimate Starter Kit To Get Wildly Clear and Create the Life of Your Dreams How would your world change if you could gain clarity right now on one aspect of your day-to-day life? […]

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Thank you and welcome to your Prayer Without Ceasing Jump Room. Please submit the date of your event asap to reserve your spot. You are NOT confirmed until we receive your event date. Please use the form to your left now to guarantee your spot. Once we receive your date you will get a confirmation […]

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Relax already

You don’t need to ask to receive! Your desires have been creating what you want since you were a child.  There is enough good stored up for you to fill your days on earth with bliss, prosperity and love. All that is left is for you to get out of the way of its appearance.  […]

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All Things Are Possible….

Increase your belief in what is possible by putting your attention on people who are creating on purpose. My good friend Marchia Minor interviews leaders in all areas of creation. In today’s interview with Dr. Sanchez, Marchia explores the potential for healing and what we can do to help support our natural state of well […]

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Mayan Calendar

2012, NASA and the Mayan Calendar Lunarable Aztec Curtains, Mayan Calendar End of the World Prophecy Mystery Cool Ancient Culture Design Print, Living Room Bedroom Window Drapes 2 Panel Set, 108 W X 84 L Inches, Black White $19.90 These one of a kind decorative curtains will help transform your room into your private sanctuary! […]

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Healing anything with this…

Practice seeing what you want and there is no thing you can not experience. When you refuse to spend time in thoughts and conversation on dis-ease, poverty or apparent problems and though the world may think you are cold but you will understand how truly close to God and truth you really are by your […]

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