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Archives for August 2011


The Healing Properties of Citrine Citrine, November’s birthstone, is frequently referred to as “the gemstone of achievement,” and unfortunately suffers from a case of mistaken identity that keeps gemstone fans from appreciating its splendor. Natural Citrine’s color can range from a pale lemon yellow to a rich golden brown. After Citrine is faceted into a […]


When will the antichrist start to terrorize? All this crap going on in school about the antichrist. people in class saying barack obama is in the antichrist. and all of the US military one day will whipe out. First of all I have a cousin that is in the marines, that just worrys me I […]

Metaphysical Publishers

metaphysical publishers Metaphysical Development & Disciplines Part 1 The Need for a Guru In the spiritual, metaphysical path, various disciplines and exercises are conducted to aid the awakening and the unfoldment of the faculties and virtues of the divinity within. To attune with the Higher Self, one is required to undergo the process of purification […]

Feng Shui Supplies

Does anyone know of a good online Feng Shui store? I have a long list of supplies I need for my home & I want to get them as inexpensively as possible, but still get good quality. I know I need: red ribbon, red & pink candles, jasmine scented things, i ching coins, a bagua […]

The 2012 Prophecy

Do Atheists believe in the 2012 Prophecy? I’m just wondering. What do you guys think of the “2012 prophecy” thing? *sigh* There is no 2012 prophecy about the world ending. Ignore it. It’s bullshit. 2012: Truth, not Just Prophecy by Nithyananda [affmage source=”ebay” results=”5″]the 2012 prophecy[/affmage] [affmage source=”amazon” results=”10″]the 2012 prophecy[/affmage]

Wut Metaphysical

wut metaphysical I need some help finding these lyrics? There is a Christian rap song called “A Bottle In The Mississippi” by a rapper called Wut Metaphysical. I tried searching for the lyrics on Yahoo!, Google, & Azlyrics.com I can’t find them anywhere. Any help with finding these lyrics is very much appreciated. im sorry. […]

Metaphysical Supplies

Wiccan supplies stores In such a small industry, wiccan supplies and wiccan products sales, is an online store, made the above The rest of the net. It is personal, pagan and Wiccan community in witchcraft is difficult to find their actual brick and mortar stores, where you can buy wiccan supplies wiccan items for their […]


[mage lang=”” source=”flickr”]entime.com[/mage] End of the Age [affmage source=”ebay” results=”5″]entime.com[/affmage] [affmage source=”amazon” results=”10″]entime.com[/affmage]

Hematite Metaphysical

hematite metaphysical Your next decade – Uranus and Neptune, the sign change with the beginning of 2010 On December 31 December 2009, Uranus will be in Kumbha (Aquarius) 29 degrees, ready to spend Meena (Pisces) and Neptune will be at 00 degrees Kumbha (Aquarius). The importance of the next decade will increase because of two […]

2012 World Ending

Who else is sick about the 2012-the world ending theory? I am sick of people mentioning that the world is going to end 21st December 2012.They is not concrete evidence of this happening and even NASA has confirmed that its a load of rubbish and this theory has been exaggerated by the media and that […]