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Archives for February 2011

Bible Prophecy Today

Globalization and the United Nations drawing closer and China becoming the number one Exporter by the end of 07. Hollywood versus Bollywood, A war with the axis of evil? yea the end is coming…better be prepared. like it or not people..!!!! Today’s Bible Prophecy : The Microchip [affmage source=”ebay” results=”5″]bible prophecy today[/affmage] [affmage source=”amazon” results=”10″]bible […]

How to Manifest $1 Million

No Order of Difficulty in Miracles

Manifest Anything


Instant Manifestation – REALLY?

one is to Help you feel the difference in wanting something and knowing it is yours:   Namaste, fran

Super easy way to feel ‘as if’…

style=”text-align: center;”>REMINDER: IT IS NOT WHAT YOU HEAR THAT MATTERS – IT IS WHAT YOU APPLY! Feeling good is the key to creating good things.  You possess awesome power to create good things in your life.  Your willingness to feel good is the only thing required to begin your magnificent life experience. A lot of people […]

The Number 1 Reason Your Dreams Don’t Come True

Time and again you hear life coaches, guru’s, law of attraction proponents talk about “making all your dreams come true”. How to get what you desire and get it fast is almost a cliche’ nowadays.  You no doubt got a couple email messages with a subject line about how to manifest faster with this one […]

If you are an affiliate marketer or want to be…

divert the majority of my time to this program. It is such an extraordinary product backed by a company with heart, soul, passion, purpose and the freshest perspective I have witnessed in a long while.  It brings together the spiritual, financial and personal empowerment worlds in the perfect storm. I can’t do it justice.  Let […]

Can you still hear the music playing?

Some of us come into this lifetime with a powerful knowing about our purpose and absolutely nothing can stop us from becoming who we were intended to be.  

Your Job Sucks

your time, health and life not being happy and prosperous.  If you are brave enough to glance at another world…one where you are in control of your own destiny you may want to start here:  I WANT TO BE FREE – Maybe! Look around the site.  You can register as a FREE Affiliate (on the […]