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Archives for July 2010

2012 Apocalypse

Gardens.” read more 2012 Apocalypse [NIBIRU] – Discovery Channel [affmage source=”ebay” results=”5″]2012 apocalypse[/affmage] [affmage source=”amazon” results=”10″]2012 apocalypse[/affmage]

Crystal Healing For Animals

healing for animals[/affmage]

Feng Shui Relationships

The feng shui of the test! ? Good, if not serious work of feng shui can do .. I want to know what my mother and I make my relationship better, so I 'want' Home .. because I really hate my mother and stay home .. but because of the strictness of my mother, trapped […]

Feng Shui Calendar

Feng Shui Cubicle

the entrance of my room another door, this is actually the door. This is bad feng shui? I can not move? Facing the entrance of my room another door, this is actually the door. This is bad feng shui? I can not move. What can I do? I can not answer because I do not […]

Cleveland’s Energy Creates its Troubles

d the Dan Gilbert response. There are so many examples of how lack programming and low energy play out in real life I hardly know where to begin. So let me start with those people who said they couldn’t care less about the 2010 Free Agency.  You know the one’s I’m talking about…. Not the folks […]

Metaphysical Gifts

woman I know who was excellent customer no longer see. Local Someone could probably provide better answers in this regard. Also if you re-released in the paranormal section may get some different people to respond well.

Metaphysical Tools

. Find Spiritual Counseling Studies [http://www.schoolsgalore.com/categories/spiritual_counseling_studies.html] at SchoolsGalore.com; meeting your needs as your educational resource to locate schools. Do you really need tools for practicing witchcraft? What if I want to practice witchcraft and I am poor or not poor but not enough money to get at least two tools … Does that mean I […]

Feng Shui Cures

be used to disperse the negative use of feng shui health treatment. Here's what you should do: North door Horrible yellow star in this direction. Star And because of its unparalleled ability to create a variety of health and wealth destruction order notoriety famous. In order to withstand the energy of this star, you may […]