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Archives for June 2010


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2012 Predictions Bible

Code very accurate about doomsday predictions? OK, this is another doomsday prediction. The Bible Code, according to wikipedia, has doomsday predictions. Remember when they predicted a doomsday event in 2006, well it didn’t happen, but will they be right about December 21, 2012, and is an asteroid or comet due to hit or pass by […]


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Get Clear Welcome

on the doubt.  Let’s see if it is a belief to be cleared or if your desire isn’t really what you want. That is a good start. I will be in touch by email soon. This is a journey you will never ever forget.  Mark your calendar.  Today is the day your life changed forever! […]

Get clear now…

method=”post”> Reality is what you believe.  Clearing the beliefs and installing new, empowering beliefs is the path to enlightened living, abundance and joy.If you can’t accept your good with this gift, there is no amount of studying that can help you get what you want.  Your gift to yourself is believing you deserve the life […]

The Root of Freedom

The willing freedom from suffering is enveloped in transcendent wisdom. It is not an intellectual knowing, but true knowing from experience with the wisdom.  The vehicle of liberation from suffering is not the desire or the practice. The practice, belief, faith and desire that leads to transcendence is the path but is not Freedom. You can […]

Metaphysical Bible Study

bible study[/mage]

Metaphysical Fair Colorado Springs

fair colorado springs[/mage]

Labradorite Metaphysical

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The state of enlightenment is…