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Archives for May 2010


Jackson, who knows a little bit about hoops and these Lakers, noted that they “play well from ahead.”The Lakers then went out, took the lead late in the first half of Game 5 — Thanks for the series-swaying dunk, Kobe! –… The Prediction [affmage source=”ebay” results=”5″]prediction[/affmage] [affmage source=”amazon” results=”10″]prediction[/affmage]

How do you know you are ready to accept your joy?

When do you finally begin to experience your joy, abundance, prosperity and peace? There are signs along the way that you are moving toward your true state of bliss. Once you have begun to release your need to wrestle with life you are on the path toward bliss. At first you shift from fight to […]

How many of these Pathways to InnerSpace do you know?

In my years of studies I have come across hundreds of techniques to go within and connect with the source of creation. These days I can access the field by simply closing my eyes for a few minutes.  But there are still days when my mind is too active and tools help. I am going […]

Awareness independent of the ego

It will seem as though you have discovered the earth is not the center of the world when you access awareness of your true self independent of the ego.

How to automatically enter the Theta Brainwave

Access to higher states of awareness is doing by slowing down the frequency of the brain.  You hear it talked about in many ways, getting to zero, centered, stopping the mind chatter but what is really happening is you are shifting out of the Beta/thinking mind into Alpha and Theta. I am compelled, more now […]

How to make spiritual truths real for you

How do you embody the spiritual truths you study? If you haven’t asked yourself this question yet, it is quite possibly your path to higher consciousness. Continuous study of spirituality will slowly transform your conscious awareness.  Knowledge of a thing will eventually lead to spontaneous awareness. If you want to speed up the process of […]

Focus of the Day: Day 5

something from nothing – very few, but they do exist. Your level of consciousness is better identified by how you feel.  Your desire is on its way into material manifestation when you have the intention. The ego gets in the way and can slow or stop the progress however. To know if you are in […]

Proof we are all connected…

Awakenings is the collective attention to it is creating the shift. Enjoy this 10 minute video from Gregg Braden and please share your comments, thoughts and questions below. Dedicated and In Service to your awakening. Namaste, Fran Prosperity Whisperer

Focus of the Day: Day 4

My Secret Awakening Formula Revealed

I still need to get your attention and keep the information interesting or you won’t even read the messages. Today’s Subject line was intended not only to get your attention on this article but to shift your attention from searching for the Holy Grail. You already possess everything you think you need or want.  There […]