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Healing Crystal Necklaces

I have a necklace and a semi precious stone/crystal they look similiar ut what are they called? I have started studying how crystals and stones can heal people and i have a crystal like maybe a stone: its pinky whitey and its jaggered i also have a heart shaped necklace £30 from debenhams which is […]

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Feng Shui Melbourne

shui melbourne” border=”0″ align=”left” /> The Perfect Match Lapin au Vin des Central Otago a la Wandering Palate (Rabbit Casserole with Central Otago Pinot Noir)

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Metaphysical Religion

It is a mysterious cosmic force like electricity which can be utilized by a properly trained priest but is dangerous in unskilful hands, for the rites, if wrongly performed, bring disaster or even death on bunglers. Though the Vedic sacrifices fell more and more out of general use, this notion of the power of rites […]

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Metaphysical Magazines

metaphysical Buy Zithromax Online magazines Seattle, Washington: Is there a monthly Spiritual or Metaphysical or Holistic magazine in the Seattle area? Thank you. Yes, as a matter of fact there is! It’s a free magazine that you can find at local newsstands called Conscious Choice. I believe the site is (I have a copy […]

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Wholesale Metaphysical Books

wholesale metaphysical books The renaissance period (Part two) Franks Bacon:   His masterpiece, The Advancement of Leaning is a great tract on education. According to Bacon, man’s understanding consists of three parts: A. history to man’s memory; B. poetry to imagination and creation; C. and philosophy to man’s reason.   Bacon’s essays are famous for […]

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