Archive | March, 2009

Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui

that you should color your walls the same color dominating the area. You can be creative with it. Like for example, you want to enhance the wealth and prosperity area of you house, you can do so through decorating the area with artwork which displays the general Feng Shui prosperity related elements and themes. You […]

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Feng Shui Buddha

your house shud be kept… first, you need to understand that fengshui is not about the laughing buddha, nor is it about the lucky coins, nor the mirrors, etc. fengshui is a compilation of chinese theories, each with its own system and calculations. they are all formulated from the idea of yin and yang, and […]

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Metaphysical Wholesale

of candles and incense, its why you would want to go elsewhere for your business inventory needs. Their customer service and quickly respond to your questions and problems, and if you need any help at all, that they will do everything possible to getting back to you. Orders usually ship and customer within 2-4 working […]

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