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Feng Shui Ideas

shui ideas_2.jpg” alt=”feng shui ideas” border=”0″ align=”left” /> Make this the season of slow Slow down! The holiday season has passed and the New Year has begun. This is a good time to consciously choose the pace at which you live. “Slow” is upon us and it is the easiest idea to embrace. There is […]

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Feng Shui Placement

full of these things, which might not be visually appealing. a fengshui’d house may not have these things and still have a very good fengshui, if you know how to do fengshui properly. for example, an modified abacus can be used as a bagua for the same purpose. but an abacus is more visually appealing, […]

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Feng Shui Wind Chimes

/> According to feng shui how can i arrange home?which pets,plants ,equipments are required? pet tortoise is good?what about wind chimes, how to make other cheap things in home…..where to fix is gold fish good? feng Feng Shui Home Decorating Tips : Adding Wind Chimes for Backyard Feng Shui

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