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Feng Shui Landscaping

be located at the right side of the house facing the road. If a road passes by the front of a house and slopes from right to left (or the right side of the road is longer than the right side as seen from the front of a house), the main door should be located […]

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Metaphysical Gifts

tool in Western cultures have been conditioned to treat it as a mystery which must not be explored because the doctrine forbids it as a belief which is based on irrational superstition, or as an oriental abberation born of centuries of misled paganism. However, reincarnation is once again attracting the minds of intellectuals and the […]

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Feng Shui Garden

Architects Find Their Dream Client, in China Smaller American architectural firms are receiving more commissions from China, and finding that Chinese clients are, in some ways, easier to work for. Feng Shui garden tips – Part 1 [affmage source=”ebay” results=”20″]feng shui garden[/affmage]

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