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Archives for 2008

Wealth Coaching

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Feng Shui Prosperity

useful when establishing a new home or business. *Indoor Plants – Live plants kept healthy placed in the southeast corners will increase wealth. *Rooster Figure – A Rooster in the office will help eliminate a lot of “Office Politics” and allow it to run smoothly. An unusual item but very effective. It will help give […]

Feng Shui Advice

Feng Shui Bed Placement Window – Top 3 Feng Shui Bed Location Principles and Why NOT to Follow Them Feng Shui Bed Placement Window Every Feng Shui book I’ve ever read, and even every Feng Shui blog on the internet for that matter, has the same time-worn advice on what the optimum placement is for […]

Feng Shui Design

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Feng Shui Bells

climbed over one million last year. Despite the federal government’s intervening with the HAMP (Home Affordable Modification Program) and the foreclosure moratorium caused by the Robo-Signing scandal, RealtyTrac reports that 2.9 million foreclosures were filed in 2010. Feng Shui and Door Bells – March 2008 [affmage source=”ebay” results=”20″]feng shui bells[/affmage]

Feng Shui Mirror Placement

Feng Shui Bedroom Colors – Peace and Serenity This art has been practiced in China for over 2000 years, yet few people know what Feng shui is. People who do practice this ancient art, tend to make their surroundings and living quarters permeate with items of comfort and serenity. Feng shui translated means, “wind and […]

Metaphysical Studies

in how to conduct worship services, funerals and weddings, new age thought, spiritual philosophies, prayers, meditations and theology. Some metaphysical careers are quite innovative. Metaphysical practitioners, for instance will have gained extensive education and training in how to integrate spiritualism into energy healing techniques. Energy healing education for these metaphysical careers often entail visualization, chakra […]

Metaphysical Properties Of Gemstones

not as intense may avoid potential side effects. One possible problem is that due to the different compositions of stones, they may be used for multiple effects. If one carries a stone for the effect it may have on nerve damage but the stone also has a secondary effect of strengthening the immune system such […]

Metaphysical Science

(? ????? ?????????, philosophia prima), is the science of supersensory principles and the principles of life. Also used as a completely modern synonym for “philosophy”. The term is introduced by Andronicus of Rhodes who systematized the writings of Aristotle. Metaphysics is divided into: the teaching about the most existing (ontology), the essence of the world (cosmology), the […]

Metaphysical Emporium

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