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Feng Shui Your Office

so maybe it’s time to feng shui your office space to get that vacation relaxation high. Researchers from the Sheffield Cognition and Neuroimaging Laboratory studied the effect of visual scenery on the perception of tranquility. Their research suggests … Read More [affmage source=”ebay” results=”20″]feng shui your office[/affmage]

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Amethyst Crystal Healing

be sure he wasn’t suffering from anything too serious and I would recommend you do the same. (In my opinion, crystal therapy is a complimentary therapy not an alternative therapy) I initially placed some Amethyst and Rose Quartz under his bed so I could see his reaction to the crystals. He actually curled up, looking […]

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Feng Shui Lillian Too

runs certified courses in feng shui. Her programs are very in-depth – they incorporate classroom lectures and on-site investigations (homes, apartments, and offices), which are followed by discussions and daily revisions. These intensive programs give a firm ground in the fundamentals, and teach the students the various formulas to perform an effective review of a […]

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