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Manifestation Consultant

Archives for January 2007

Feng Shui Coins

Bellagio music and plants invite guests to celebrate Chinese New Year New Year A unique display of traditional symbolic and full of rabbits. A quiet refuge  ancient practice of feng shui guide the use of environment to attract arts Harmonious, balanced and positive life energy A is displayed now through March 5. Feng Shui […]

Crystal Healing Wands

dissolution strenghtens In the liver or bile duct obstruction, and detoxification Circulatory system Malachite is said to be menstrual cramps assistance and help arthritis Amber – to help the stomach, spleen, kidney, bladder, liver and gallbladder Pomegranate feel healthy, vigorous life infinite Opalite – purify the blood and kidney The Use AMwand – Stimulate your […]

Feng Shui Bagua

About the use of feng shui map? Sorry ah I mean Bagua map, but anyway I just painted my room I have outlined, aimed at my room and chart My wardrobe is a section in his career, so how to improve, if it is in my closet first career? By the way, the IM in […]

Metaphysical Bible

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Metaphysical Training

metaphysical training Degeneration and filtration systems. "Sold" Our bodies and begin to malfunction as energy "Loose vital body systems. This loss of "vitality" is mainly due to several things happening at once: 1. Inherited genetic programming systems slow. 2. Highlights of life that overwork and "burn" systems. 3. Modern environmental pollutants, chemicals, poisons and toxins. […]