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Metaphysical Store

newspaper and source of information for art and antiques. Wildflowers a New Age, Metaphysical, Wiccan, Pagan store [affmage source=”ebay” results=”20″]metaphysical store[/affmage]

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Feng Shui Charms

sense to me, if there is a negative or remain in a space of energy, the correct action is Release of energy, and help out, rather than trying to suppress the charm and it is energy or space, it is. Perhaps what is used in feng shui certification? Ah, really are infinite possibilities. Of course, […]

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Chinese Feng Shui

Feng said that the number of calculators – how to calculate your Kua Number using Feng Shui Your House Feng Shui Number Calculator According to the principles of good feng shui, the demand for energy is everyone's different. Classical School in China Feng said that the principle of a meteor, it only said that there […]

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